Story/Interview August 26, 2022

Tabatha Dann Ward | GCSE student and handball player

By King's InterHigh

Achieving GCSE grades 6 – 9 in subjects including Business and History, Tabatha’s now setting her sights on playing handball more often. She explains how online learning has given her the time to explore new hobbies, and why she’s drawn to the Danish way of life.

I've learned to be more confident when talking online. I wasn't very good with emails and messages before, as it was something I never got very fluid with. Getting to practice that with King’s InterHigh has been very valuable.

Tabatha Dann Ward

GCSE student and handball player

 Why did you join King’s InterHigh, and what has your learning journey with us meant to you?

I was having some issues with bullying, and because I was so sporty I was missing out on social stuff. I didn’t have the time. It became difficult to talk to people and I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere. That’s what drew me to online school, and joining King’s InterHigh was a giant weight off my shoulders.

I’ve been playing handball for six years. I competed for England for the first time this summer in Denmark, and there’s been regional stuff at home as well. Being with King’s InterHigh has given me more time to focus on that.

 Has studying online allowed you to explore new interests?

I’ve picked up crochet. I wanted to get into it at my previous school, but didn’t have the time. I’m a crafty person, and it’s been great to relax with crochet thanks to King’s InterHigh. Having the time to explore this hobby has been amazing.

I’ve made all sorts. I’ve got sock monkeys, dinosaurs and penguins – the whole lot, really! I’ve made some hats for other people. I’d love to turn it into a business one day, but for now I’m doing it for myself.

 What are your dreams for the future?

I have a place in Loughborough College’s academy for handball, which I’d love to take up. There’s also an opportunity for me to go to Denmark and play handball for a year, between finishing my A Levels and going to university. I’d like to study physiotherapy or midwifery there.

I went to Denmark earlier this summer for a tournament. I could see myself living there – it felt really happy. Everybody wants to help and they always say Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, and you feel it when you’re there!

By King's InterHigh

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