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Balancing golf championships with personalised learning | Georgia Mundy, golfer and online school student

By King's InterHigh

A young golfing athlete and budding performer, Georgia Mundy has an impressive range of passions and talents under her belt — plus, she's also an online school ambassador here at King's InterHigh!

We caught up with Georgia to learn more about her exciting sporting life, her educational journey, and how online learning helps her chase her dreams.

Georgia’s journey to date

 Tell us a bit about what you do!

Georgia: I started King's InterHigh in September 2023. I am a county athlete, young golfer and actor, singer and dancer. I also love cooking and ice skating.

 What’s been your biggest achievement so far?

Georgia: I recently won the Bedfordshire Schools Girls Championships 2024 golfing competition with a nett score of 67. The girls were under 18. The children represent their school from all over the county, private and state schools. I also played in the Shires Tour Grand Final and won the silver division by four shots against boys and girls under 18. I am also being selected for my county in athletics in time for the Regionals in 2024.

 Who are your biggest inspirations or supporters on your journey?

Georgia: My parents and family. In particular Nelly Korda, the professional golfer, has really inspired me.

Nelly Korda, Georgia's sporting idol. Photo by Travis Chen, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

 What’s the next big goal you’re working towards?

Georgia: The Regionals in February 2024.

 What’s your biggest ambition for the future?

Georgia: To be a professional golfer.

School, then and now

 What was school like before you joined us?

Georgia: I was homeschooled by my mum before I joined King’s InterHigh. Homeschooling was fine, but sometimes tricky [to keep up with] the different classes. We had to write a list with all the different details for each group lesson. It wasn’t very straightforward.

 What's school like for you now at King's InterHigh?

Georgia: King's InterHigh has made it so much easier to learn online. Everything is in one place with one simple log-in. It makes it much simpler for both my mum and I. I can log on myself without any issues and now even show my mum how to do it! I’ve also managed to jump into Year 8 in maths as I found the original class a bit too easy. This has been great as I’ve really progressed in maths versus other friends I have outside King's InterHigh (in fact, this is the same with most subjects I do!).

 What does a typical school day look like for you?

Georgia: Every day is so different as I do so many different passions — golf, performing arts, and athletics, with at least one on each day. Wednesday is my busiest. Sometimes, I do lessons in the car, or at the golf club if I have a golf commitment.

I enjoy the 'apply' tasks that are set for us at King's InterHigh as they use quizzes to test our knowledge. I found doing five subjects was too many and I couldn’t fit in all the lessons, so we’ve cut back to three and I can focus on the quality of my learning. I like to do the lessons live rather than catch up after.

 Have you ever taken a lesson in an unusual place?

Georgia: In the car, using my mum’s mobile phone as the hotspot!

 What are your favourite King’s InterHigh subjects?

Georgia: I love creative media and maths the most. In the future, I want to study creative media and sport science.

 What’s it like studying in a virtual classroom?

Georgia: I enjoy the quizzes and Inspired AI. My mum finds the Inspired AI super helpful.

Find out more about how we’re enhancing our personalised learning experience with Inspired AI learning pathways.

 Did you have any worries about online schooling before King's InterHigh?

Georgia: I didn’t, but my mum has found homeschooling so much easier (for me and her) now I have King's InterHigh. She was a bit worried before about whether it would work but now thinks it’s the best education option for me.

 Are you getting up to any social activities with King's InterHigh students?

Georgia: A group of us students are meeting up at a safari park, and our mums have created a messaging group together.

Georgia on the golf green

Looking forward

 In your opinion, what’s the best part about learning online with King’s InterHigh?

Georgia: Being flexible — being able to maximise my time wherever I am. I can study in the evening if needed or focus on getting it all done in the day, giving me more free time to do other things.

 Outside of having more flexibility, has life changed at all since you became an online school student?

Georgia: Being able to practice my golf more has been very helpful — putting, driving range and pitching, every week!

 Do you have any top life tips for students with lives like yours?

Georgia: I practice square breathing when I find myself getting stressed — but not that often as I am pretty calm most of the time!

 What do you see yourself doing once you finish school?

Georgia: Being a golfer!

 What would you say to a student like you who’s considering joining King’s InterHigh?

Georgia: They should do it! It’s great!

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