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King’s InterHigh is the UK’s leading online secondary school. Students in the school can study the British curriculum online from ages 11 to 16, beginning in Key Stage 3 and progressing to study their GCSEs from age 14.

Lower Secondary

Key Stage 3: Years 7-9 | Ages 11-14
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Key Stage 4: Years 10-11 | Ages 14-16
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Student life at online secondary school

When young learners join our online secondary school, they become part of a warm and thriving community filled with ways to make friends, work together, and have fun. 

Every student at King’s InterHigh is part of a House — a smaller, tight-knit community within our wider school. Together, learners work hard to earn points for their House, engage in friendly inter-House competition, and bond with their fellow House members. 

From babysitting and cookery to chess and technology, students will also find a wide range of clubs where they can meet classmates who share their interests. Common rooms and assemblies are another way we create a strong sense of community, connecting learners through various themes, projects, and guest talks. Plus, we encourage students to show their own initiative through our student council, school newspaper, and more. 

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Secondary School FAQs

Students can study the UK curriculum online full time, with an online secondary school. The pandemic opened the eyes of parents and students to the potential of online learning, with students quickly adapting to, and in many cases preferring, online education.

Online secondary schools are an alternative to in-person learning for ages 11-16, from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4, when students study their GCSEs. Studying online offers a more flexible education, with the same quality teaching and curriculum that is taught in schools across the UK, with the British curriculum. Online learning for secondary school students means increased freedom to pursue hobbies and careers outside of school and extra time to revisit complex topics through lesson recordings.

A good online alternative to secondary school will provide a very similar learning experience to in-person classrooms; with regular class groups, experienced teachers, and live lessons timetabled each week. As well as this, you can access past lesson recordings at any time and have access to a huge library of learning resources 24/7. No matter where you happen to be in the world, if you can connect to the internet, you can join your lessons.

Online secondary school also provides a wonderful solution for those who have dropped out of their in-person school, with the benefit of small class sizes. At King’s InterHigh, our Explore lessons have a maximum class size of 20 students, which means minimal disruption during lessons and more time to focus on learning at secondary level. Online learning is a great next step after primary school for this reason.

You can enroll for an online secondary school quickly and easily. First, carefully research the schools available and make sure you are choosing the one best suited for your child. Some online learning platforms may consist of learning resources, but no live lessons or interactivity. If you are looking for a learning environment with the live and interactive benefits of a brick-and-mortar school, then a fully online secondary school, like King’s InterHigh, could be for you.  

Whether you are joining at KS3 or KS4 level, you will need to select your subjects to build your online secondary school curriculum. 

To join KS3 at King’s InterHigh, you will need to select eight core subjects, at least one language option and any extra subjects your child wishes to pursue. To see the subjects we teach at KS3 level, click here. 

If you are joining us for your GCSEs, we ask that you select three core subjects (English Literature, English Language and Maths), at least one science and 4 additional subjects.  This totals eight subjects, but more can be added to your curriculum for an additional fee. We also offer students the flexibility to reduce their subject load dependent on their circumstances.  Explore the GCSE subjects taught at King’s InterHigh, here   

Once you’ve selected your package, you will have access to our Enrolment Dashboard to complete the enrolment process. After you are enrolled, you will be given your timetable and student hub log in details, so you can get learning! 

If you would like to enroll with us, you can get started here. 

The best online secondary school is the one which provides you with the right balance of support and flexibility. One of the benefits of online learning is the ability to learn on the go and watch lesson recordings at a time which suits you. Many students who learn online want or need the same level of support offered at a traditional school, which a quality online school can provide.

The best online secondary schools are able to provide live, timetabled lessons, delivered by engaged, qualified teachers. At King’s InterHigh, we set a limit of 20 students maximum in our interactive Explore lessons, to ensure every student gets the support they require, with minimal disruption during lessons. This means pupils can get the most from their lessons, in addition to their increased free time.

It also important to consider to curriculum taught at different online secondary schools. If you wish for your child to go on to take their GCSEs, a school teaching the full UK Key Stage 3 curriculum is the perfect next step after primary school.

Learning with an online secondary school is a wonderful way to fit studying around your family’s lifestyle and allows your child to get the most from their education.

Online secondary school education is a method in which students aged 11 to 16 can study the same British curriculum as a mainstream school, yet accessed remotely in a flexible way which suits their lifestyle – entirely online.

Secondary school, whether taught in-person or online, is the name given to Key Stages 3 and 4 in the UK, which are for students aged between 11 and 16. It is an important stage in a child’s education, as it sees pupils develop after primary school level, up to their GCSEs.

Choosing which online secondary school is best for your child is an important decision – particularly as it comes at a crucial time where students will be doing their GCSEs, leading into either A Levels, the IB Diploma, BTEC or an apprenticeship. Lots of students choose to study with an online secondary school which teaches the same, full curriculum as is taught in traditional schools. As well as the same subjects and standard of teaching, online learning with a virtual secondary school offers the added benefit of smaller class sizes, minimal disruption, and the ability to join your live, timetabled lessons from anywhere with an internet connection.

In the UK, traditional and many online schools follow the National Curriculum. This covers two Key Stages; 3 and 4. Each of these include a set of compulsory subjects, including English, Maths and Science, with Key Stage 4 offering the opportunity for students to select subjects which interest them, alongside their core subjects.

The national curriculum is the standard set of subjects followed by schools across the UK, to ensure that the content taught and expected standards from students are consistent. Some schools, such as academies or private schools, can teach an alternative curriculum if they wish, but it must cover a broad range of topics and the compulsory English, Maths and Science. You can find out more about the national curriculum from here.

The national curriculum is favoured by many parents and students as it offers a balanced, well-rounded curriculum, which prepares students for their GCSEs and beyond. At King’s InterHigh, we teach the full national curriculum online, following the exact same structure and topics as is taught in secondary schools across the UK.

All secondary schools in the UK teach the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. The subjects studied from Year 7 to Year 9 will differ from those studied in Year 10 and 11, depending on the GCSE options students choose.

Whether in a traditional school environment or online, schools which offer the full national curriculum will cover a broad range of subjects to build your child’s knowledge, confidence and skills for life after secondary school. The subjects studied prepare students for the independent thinking, time management and collaboration skills needed for further study and later on, for their careers.

To learn more about the subjects we teach at Key Stage 3, click here. Or, for more information about Key Stage 4 and the GCSE subjects we teach, click here.

Secondary school has different definitions around the world. In the US, ‘secondary school’ can refer to the education after elementary school, which would cover grades 6-12. In the UK and other English-speaking countries, secondary school is used interchangeably with high school.

In the UK, secondary school or high school is for pupils aged 11-16 and, if following the UK’s national curriculum, prepares students for GCSE exams and builds the skills required for future studies.

King’s InterHigh is an online secondary school, delivering the same curriculum and standard of teaching as other secondary schools across the UK.

Secondary school is a vital stage in a child’s development, seeing them through from age 11 to 16. During this time period, students go through lots of change, both in terms of education and personally as they transition from child through to teenager.

Through secondary school, students learn key skills which they will hold with them for the rest of their lives. Students will cover the vital academic knowledge, ready to build upon in the next stage of their education, whether that be  A Levels, the IB Diploma, BTEC or an apprenticeship. For the first time, students can take ownership of their own learning and begin to develop specific interests for particular subjects, which they can then choose at GCSE level.

An online secondary school provides all the same opportunities as a traditional secondary school, plus the ability to mould your education around your lifestyle. This means students can thrive, both academically and in their own passions. Learning online also means smaller class sizes and less disruption during lessons, so students are able to get the most from their learning during this important stage in their academic lives.

Online secondary school prepares students for further study and amazing career opportunities.

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