We provide quality British education, open for partnership to International Schools

King’s InterHigh school delivers a fully interactive British education which is available to international schools. Our unique school offers the best in Primary, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs and A Level courses, delivered by experienced teachers


As the UK’s leading education provider, we have the flexibility to help provide you with the subjects and timetables you require. This enables you to broaden your curriculum and meet the demands of your students without having to hire more staff.

Sports academies & performing arts

You are experts in your field and need high-quality education programs to match. Our experienced, fully qualified teachers are specialists in the subjects they teach, delivering quality education at times that fit in with your training programs.

Education agents

With growing aspirations worldwide, the demand for better education grows also. Not all countries have the capacity to meet the demand. If you have an understanding of education needs in your country/region, you may want to consider working with us.

Internationally recognised exam boards

Education is of value when standards are universally recognised. We deliver qualifications by some of the world’s most reputable exam boards such as Cambridge and Edexcel.

The online IBDP, only at King’s InterHigh

King’s InterHigh is also the world’s first school to offer the IB Diploma Programme entirely online, starting September 2022 for students aged 16-19.  

We combine our online schooling expertise with more than 40 years of IB excellence across Inspired schools, where learners achieve high scores year after year. 

Britain's leading online educator, regulated and approved

Combining the words ‘education’ and ‘excellence,’ Edexcel is one of the top examination boards in the UK. King’s InterHigh is accredited for the quality and delivery of Edexcel qualifications.

We also teach the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE, formerly known as CIE) curriculum, including IGCSEs and A Levels. CAIE sets a global standard for education and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

Enquire about our subject offering

If you represent an International school, sporting academy or stage school and are interested in learning more about King's InterHigh and how our partnerships work, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. If you'd like to submit an enquiry around studying at King's InterHigh as an individual, please visit out contact page and fill in our enquiry form.