Take control of your online learning

King’s InterHigh is a school that puts you in control. Our online classrooms let you manage how you interact with your peers and you have direct and confidential access to the teacher at all times. Our online courses mean you can organise your studies.

Best of all, King’s InterHigh gives you control over your time – the effectiveness of our learning platform means that you are able to watch missed lessons back in full, giving you an unrivalled opportunity to pursue their own interests, hobbies, pastimes and goals without missing any classes.

But don’t just take it from us – visit our Pupil Stories page to read quotes from our pupils telling you what they think of the school, or you can click on the videos page to hear it in their own words.

Pupil world map

Pupils at King’s InterHigh come from a broad range of countries and cultures. Our world map shows the diversity of countries represented in our international learning community.

The common room

On Friday afternoons the Common Room is open to the whole school. Many extra-curricular activities take place including invited guest speakers; rehearsals and public performances; parties; demonstrations; competitions; games; hobbies; fundraising; careers advice and much more.

King's InterHigh events

Our annual events are fantastic opportunities for pupils to meet and socialise together whilst sharing the experiences of the trip. Our families travel from across the UK and the world to be able to meet up and spend time together. Last year, our learners had the opportunity to attend 3 events, including a tour of the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios, an activity weekend at PGL Liddington and the end of year school ball.

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Senior academic team

King’s InterHigh is unique. The quality of King’s InterHigh School’s education is driven by its Senior Academic Team. Meet these key staff members here.

Term dates

King’s InterHigh School follows standard UK independent school terms. The school calendar is made up of 3 terms, Autumn, Spring and Summer. The current academic year calendar is available here.

Computer requirements

No specialist software or equipment is needed to attend King’s InterHigh. A good spec laptop or desktop can provide you with the solution.