Marcet Football Academy student kicks a blue and silver football in front of coach mentor.

Ensuring a quality performance on and off the field

Sporting and performing arts students have a tremendous challenge. Elite-level performance requires dedication and focus, yet it has to be balanced with the right attention to education. In the modern world of sport and entertainment, education is essential to navigating the complexities of the performing arts and sporting life, or as a fallback if things don’t work out. Progressive academies and stage schools recognise this and ensure that they provide quality teaching to their members.

The flexibility of King’s InterHigh’s online provision suits the demands of sporting and performing arts students, who must fit their education around training regimes, tournaments, rehearsals and performances. The combination of live lessons and recordings ensure students can always stay up to date or catch-up if they need to.

Above all, what we offer our young people is time. The effectiveness of our school means that pupils are ‘in school’ for only three or four hours a day, giving them an unrivalled opportunity to pursue their goals. It all adds up to make King’s InterHigh as individual as our pupils.

Features and benefits

Sporting academies and stage schools work with King’s InterHigh for a wide range of reasons. Below are just some of the features you can benefit from by partnering with us.

Flexible learning

King’s InterHigh’s online learning platform and lesson library allows for greater flexibility when it comes to fitting your learning around training sessions, tournaments, rehearsals and performances. This allows pupils to make great progress in their studies. Our pupils have control over their learning and their interactions around the school. The online platform provides a personal and engaging teaching experience where pupils can directly and discretely question their teachers during and after classes to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of the subject or topic before moving on.

Quality education

Our Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5 curriculum is taught by qualified, trained and experienced staff whose detailed knowledge of their subject is matched by their motivation and energy to see every pupil in their care succeed.

Real-time lessons

Lessons are live and led by our expert faculty. Within timetabled lessons, we utilise a number of teaching and learning methods. These range from exercise lessons which can be small breakout groups of 2-3 students, right up to lead lessons which are subject masterclasses demonstrating new topics and knowledge.

24/7 access to curriculum and lesson library

The effectiveness of our learning platform means that pupils are able to watch any missed lessons back in full. This ensures greater flexibility for students at sporting academies, as well as providing them with a useful resource for revision, project work and to consolidate learning.

Colin Jackson's King's InterHigh sports academy

Former double 110 metre hurdles world champion, Colin Jackson, talks us through the benefits of studying at King’s InterHigh as an aspiring sportsperson. Plus, you’ll hear from gold medallist Para-Olympian Robin Surgeoner, describing the importance of fitting education around training regimes. As a flexible online learning platform, King’s InterHigh provides ambitious young students with a strong educational foundation.

How King’s InterHigh works

Real-time lessons, a broad core curriculum and a wide choice of extra-curricular subjects. Find out more about how our sophisticated cloud-based learning platform works.

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Marcet Football Academy captain stands alongside rival captain and referees before a game.

How Marcet football academy uses King's InterHigh

King’s InterHigh works with a football academy in Barcelona to provide high-quality education provision for its students. Fundación Marcet welcomes 200 young football players every year from all over the world (aged 8-21), who train, live and study with them. We spoke to Carolina Marcet – Head of Academic and Personal Development Department at Fundación Marcet – to find out more about their King’s InterHigh experience.

Junior elite tennis (JET) academy have aced their education with King's InterHigh

King’s InterHigh have partnered with JET academy to provide an education solution to their academy players. JET was looking for on-site support in the form of a supervisor for the pupils during the study sessions to accompany the online platform. King’s InterHigh have been able to help, with a full-time teaching professional located in the JET learning centre. This means a safe environment and guidance is available for both the sporting and academic side of the players’ day.

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Our pupils

King’s InterHigh School is a vibrant community where pupils make new friends from all over the world. Since 2005, our completely interactive online Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College has welcomed thousands of pupils.


Chloe Cummings

Chloe Cummings is a qualified gymnast with British and Irish gymnastics. Chloe says studying at King’s InterHigh has “helped her an awful lot” and has been “the best two years” of her education.

Ice hockey international

Bobby Ragan

Bobby Ragan is an international Ice Hockey player. King’s InterHigh provides Bobby with the flexible timetable he needs to be able to fit training in around his studies as he works towards becoming a professional ice hockey player.


Darcey Harry

Darcey Harry is a talented young golfer who competes all over the world in tournaments. Studying at King’s InterHigh gives her the flexibility to put in the extra hours she needs on the golf course as she works towards her goal of becoming a professional golfer.


Bella Ramsey

Actress Bella Ramsey starred in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones as Lady Lyanna Mormont and as the lead character in CBBC’s Worst Witch series. She joined King’s InterHigh because she didn’t enjoy mainstream secondary school and because of her acting career.


Gene Curie

Actor Gene Gurie stars in Children’s BAFTA-winning series Secret Life of Boys on CBBC. He joined King’s InterHigh because he found it difficult to combine acting with his studies at a secondary school.

Pop star

Eden Golan

Singer Eden Golan is a member of Russian pop group The Cosmos Girls. She was invited to join the band after reaching the finals of the Voice Kids Russia 2018. King’s InterHigh’s flexible style of learning allows Eden to fit in her studies around her busy singing career.

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