Story/Interview August 25, 2022

Alexia Flamanzeanu

By King's InterHigh

Achieving 8s and 7s in most of her GCSEs, Alexia is well-set for her dream career in criminal law. Here's what she's gained from her time learning with King's InterHigh.

"I would sincerely recommend King’s InterHigh to anyone who is interested in learning and discovering new things!"

Alexia Flamanzeanu

Alumni Student

 Why did you join King's InterHigh, and what has your learning journey with us meant to you?

I joined King’s InterHigh in September 2021 for Year 11 and have never been more pleased!

After moving from Dubai to Bucharest, I wanted to continue studying a British curriculum because of the freedom and usefulness of the content learned. With that being said, it was very hard for me to find a British school that matched my GCSE subject options and also the exam board that I initially started doing when I was in Year 10. I stumbled upon the school as one of my family friends is enrolled in Year 13 at King’s InterHigh. I was so impressed by their feedback that I decided to enrol with no second thoughts!

My learning journey has been a tough, yet exciting roller coaster. I enjoy learning new things and collaborating with other classmates and teacher, which King’s InterHigh was able to provide successfully. Teachers are nice and always just one email away! I was very pleased at how collaborative they were and how quickly they responded to emails. I would sincerely recommend King’s InterHigh to anyone who is interested in learning and discovering new things!

 What are your plans and dreams for the future?

My dream is to move to California, where I would study criminal law. I have been passionate about criminal law for almost a year now and I am thrilled to see what opportunities await for me.

In terms of A Levels, I will be moving to a physical school because as much as King’s Interhigh has been a wonderful experience, I would like to experiment with a different environment during my last 2 years of high school.  I plan on doing Media, Economics, English Literature, and Psychology, which are suitable if you are interested in having a job that is in the law field in the future.

 What's something you've gained from online schooling that's really helped you personally?

I believe that being in Year 11 at King’s InterHigh has taught me a lot, not only because it is a tough year filled with a lot of exams, but because being online has led me to adapt more easily to change, which I think is a crucial thing for a student as there are always going to be changes in life that we have to adapt to.

As I had a lot of exams this year, I was able to redirect to a more organised and secured school lifestyle, as organisation is key for a Year 11 student. Before joining this school, I was very unorganised, which caused me to be less focused. At King’s InterHigh, I started to become more aware of the situation and the fact that I was sitting my GCSEs at the end of the year, so I began creating folders for all of my subjects, which have improved my grades drastically.

I also learned the value of helping others as I would always volunteer to help my classmates when they weren’t sure about something.

By King's InterHigh

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