A sophisticated learning platform offering real time online classrooms

Real-time lessons, a broad core curriculum and a wide choice of extra-curricular subjects.

The classroom

Pupils are taught in timetabled classrooms, Monday to Friday. After greeting pupils, the teachers will give a traditional lesson enhanced with prepared engaging resources. Pupils may then be set worked examples, in class activities, shared tasks, individual pathways and sometimes pupils work in designated pairs or groups. Teachers will constantly monitor pupils’ interaction and respond to general questions or privately to individual queries. The absence of distractions or disruptions enables teachers to devote themselves entirely to teaching and learning.

A sophisticated cloud based learning platform with fully interactive classrooms

During the lesson, pupils communicate with the teacher and each other through a wide variety of medium. Voice, text, whiteboard, notes, recordings, presentations, screen sharing and co-web browsing are just a few options. Individual pupils can be asked to work through specific examples, share their work or lead the class. By giving every pupil the opportunity to directly and privately message the teacher it means that no question is ever left unspoken or unanswered.

How we teach the IB online

Working with the International Baccalaureate®, King’s InterHigh is now bringing the IB Diploma fully online. The Diploma Programme encourages learners to become independent inquirers, which is why we have developed an online student-led learning model. Our students begin each topic by conducting their own research, then consolidate knowledge with collaborative exploration, measuring their progress at the end of each topic. This is combined with development of practical skills and student-led projects away from the computer.

A cloud-based school where learners access all their resources and lesson recordings all day, every day

Each course provides access to the entire subject curriculum; this is available to access at anytime from anywhere. All lessons are digitally recorded and once a lesson has been delivered, pupils can review the lesson recording. Subject materials can help pupils track down exactly what they need. It is a fantastic resource to support pupils to consolidate their learning, master tricky concepts and prepare for examinations.

If for any reason a pupil has missed a lesson (i.e. sickness) they can watch the entire lesson via this digital archive.

A real school community where all pupils feel the benefits of modern technology combined with personalised learning

Pupils have their own personal school hub from which to access every part of the school; the learning area, live classes, course resources, clubs, societies, the common room, social media area, timetable, homework monitor or the school reward shop. Personal feedback from teachers keeps them constantly up to date with upcoming assignment deadlines, homework feedback and overall performance. Parents too can keep up to date with their son’s or daughter’s progress and contact staff at any time.

Term dates at King's InterHigh

The King’s InterHigh School calendar follows traditional UK independent school terms. Each year is a 35 week academic year.

Learn more about our online curriculum

King’s InterHigh offers a full British secondary curriculum in a wide range of subjects online. As pupils progress through the school, they can study a full range of IGCSE, AS and A Level courses.