Partnering to provide quality British education

The global demand for superior education is growing each year and with it, the challenge in recruiting high-quality teachers becomes ever more difficult. This can put a strain on your teaching provision and you may not be able to provide as broad a curriculum as you like or enough classes to fulfil demand. This is where King’s InterHigh can help. As your online partner, we’ll fill the gaps and allow you to deliver more. This can be supporting as little as one student who would like to learn a subject you don’t teach, or dedicated classes for whole cohorts.

We teach a full range of courses from KS2 to A Levels. Quality naturally is key. We are leading in online education, with over 15 years of delivering quality British education to thousands of students throughout the world.

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Deliver a broad range of subjects with King's InterHigh

You can offer a wide range of subjects by partnering with King’s InterHigh. King’s InterHigh delivers quality British education to International Schools using real-time lessons online. We have the flexibility to provide you with the subjects and timetables you require, from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5. This enables you to broaden your curriculum and meet the demands of your learners without having to hire more academic staff.

Source teachers online

Some International Schools find it difficult to recruit the teachers they require to deliver a broad and engaging curriculum. Our online status enables us to offer flexible support through virtual classrooms, acting as a partner to help fill those gaps.

Expand your curriculum

In some cases, there is not enough demand in certain subjects to justify hiring a full-time teacher. Using our online services can help broaden the curriculum you deliver by providing on demand education.

Maintain your standards

We understand that parents place great importance on the quality of education their children receive and the reputation of the schools they attend. King’s InterHigh offers British education delivered by an expert faculty, who have experience in teaching online and in the classroom.

Dedicated and shared online classrooms

Online classrooms, dedicated to students from your school, are ideal for classes with a higher number of pupils or for those who require a level of privacy. Students can also study alongside existing King’s InterHigh pupils and benefit from quality online teaching. We provide you with a fully qualified, experienced online teacher for each class and can devise a completely dedicated timetable for your students. This is a cost-effective way of providing quality education and greater subject choice for your students.

How we teach

Real-time lessons, a broad core curriculum and a wide choice of extra-curricular subjects. Find out more about how our sophisticated cloud-based learning platform works.

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BISU School building

COBIS Award Winning Partnerships

The British International School in Ukraine, also known as BISU, has been educating students to global success for more than 20 years. With campuses nestled in Kyiv and Dnipro, BISU was a vibrant hub of intellectual discovery, heartfelt teaching, and harmonious community before the conflict began.

BISU had already embraced online learning in 2020 when the school’s Principal, David Cole  approached us to bring their students high-quality online teaching for new A Level subjects their students were requesting. When conflict broke out, the school’s community soon found itself displaced around the world.

However, Principal David Cole was determined that learning and community would continue, even while the school itself was closed. Together, we worked to bring BISU’s learning online, giving pupils from 11 to 18 a semblance of continuity, normalcy, and hope. Just like their global peers in our King’s InterHigh community, dozens of BISU’s secondary and Sixth Form pupils now enjoy a broad curriculum through live, online learning.

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How we work with you

Working in partnership, your students benefit from a world-class hybrid learning model.  King’s InterHigh provides a complete online education service, while your school supports in-person opportunities.

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Key Stage 2: Years 3-6 | Ages 7-11


Designed for students aged 7 to 10 years, our primary school is focused on developing the whole child.

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Key Stage 3: Years 7-9 | Ages 11-14


Students aged 11-13 are taught by subject specialists and a Head of Key Stage provides essential leadership in academic and pastoral areas.

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Key Stage 4: Years 10-11 | Ages 14-16


Students aged 14-16 choose from a range of subjects which they then study for two years before sitting for their IGCSE exams.

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Key Stage 5: Sixth Form | Ages 16-18

Sixth Form

Designed for active and curious Sixth Form students, our College prepares students for their A Levels as well as progression to future careers and study.

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If you represent an International school, sporting academy or stage school and are interested in learning more about King's InterHigh and how our partnerships work, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. If you'd like to submit an enquiry around studying at King's InterHigh as an individual, please visit the contact page and fill in our enquiry form.