Why choose online Key Stage 3?

Flexible learning anywhere

Our live, online classes fit around all lifestyles

Engaging, innovative technology

Such as VR for the most in-depth learning experience

Small class sizes

A maximum of 20 students, to keep students focused on learning

Courses crafted by specialist teachers

The programmes of study we teach at King’s InterHigh have been designed and written by subject specialists with years of teaching experience. Our expert, experienced teachers deliver live, timetabled lessons. King’s InterHigh’s Key Stage 3 courses aim to develop in-depth knowledge, promote independent learning skills and utilise the vast array of educational material stored in the school’s online learning platform.

How we teach

King’s InterHigh uses an online learning platform and lesson library to deliver subjects and provides 24/7 access to national curriculum subject materials. Our live lessons are timetabled and taught by qualified UK teachers, trained in online teaching and learning. Every week, students will have lessons with the same class groups and teachers, so they have structure and continuity in their learning. All lessons are recorded and accessible at any time, from anywhere. So no matter where in the world you are, with an internet connection, your child can access past lessons, homework materials and useful resources.

Depending on the subject and age of student, subjects may include a “lead” lesson (seminar) and an “explore” lesson (tutorial of up to 20 students). Students apply the knowledge they have learned through “apply” or homework assignments and are assessed regularly through summative and formative assessments.

It’s not just teachers delivering a lecture either. Our teachers use online break out rooms, chats, polls, quizzes, as well as virtual simulations, to encourage student interaction. This fosters engagement and excitement for the lessons, solidifying the understanding of the topic being discussed.

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Key Stage 3 Core Subjects

Our core subjects offer a solid foundation, ready for their next stage of education. These carefully crafted courses will encourage student’s creativity, analytical thinking, and collaboration skills.

Additional Subjects

Below are the additional core subjects pupils can add alongside the core subjects. These additional topics will help to engage and inspire your child and spark a passion for learning. Pupils can add up to 5 additional subjects to the core package, anymore are charged at an extra cost per year.

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Key Stage 3 FAQs

Your child can study the full UK Key Stage 3 curriculum online and access a high quality education through our virtual school . Our online Key Stage 3 education includes timetabled, live lessons. Your child can access a consistent and high-quality education from anywhere in the world.

Studying Key Stage 3 online has added benefits too, with lesson recordings so you can revisit or catch up on lessons whenever you need. This means your child has more time for activities, hobbies, and their passions outside of learning. Online learning also means smaller class sizes and fewer distractions. At King’s InterHigh we have a maximum of 20 students in an Explore class , so there is minimal disruption during teaching, and plenty of opportunity for each student to ask questions, interact and take part in group discussions.

Many parents worry about socialisation for their child if they choose to take them out of an in-person school, however, a quality online KS3 school will ensure the opportunity for students to form friendships with classmates and take part in extra-curricular activities and events online and in-person.

We have gathered some top tips and advice on starting Key Stage 3 online, to ensure your child has a smooth transition to online learning.

A quality virtual school is able to provide the same full UK curriculum subjects At Key Stage 3 as in a traditional school setting. The only difference is that they are delivered in live, online classrooms.

At King’s InterHigh, we deliver the full UK curriculum of core subjects, as well as supplementary subjects, providing an excellent springboard into the next stage of your child’s education.

Our core subjects are designed to encourage students to explore and build on their creativity, analytical thinking, independent learning, and teamwork skills. As part of our core KS3 online package, students at King’s InterHigh will study the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

All students will also take part in the core Pastoral element of the curriculum, including PSHCE, Assemblies and Reflect lessons. Included in this core package at Key Stage 3 is an open selection of 5 additional subjects. Students can choose from:

  • Art
  • Creative Media
  • Computer Science
  • Drama
  • Film Studies
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • STEM

If students wish to study more than the 8 subjects at KS3, it is also possible to add additional options from this list for an additional fee.

Click here to explore all the subjects we offer for Key stage 3 online.

With cutting-edge technology, online learning is now more closely aligned to the in-school learning experience than ever before. Students study the same subjects and topics that are taught in schools across the UK, with the same high standards of teaching too.  Students are encouraged to interact with their teachers and classmates, work on group projects and have independent study time too.

Key Stage 3 is legal term used to describe the education received by students studying the UK curriculum between the ages of 11 and 14. In Key Stage 3, students transition through years 7, 8 and 9, usually then progressing to years 10 and 11, when they prepare for and sit their GCSEs.

This is a very important stage in a child’s education, as this is a period in their lives where they transition from studying a standard curriculum at Primary School, t towards developing foundational knowledge, approaches to learning, and life-long skills to support their personal and academic progress and access to GCSEs and post 16 education opportunities

At Key Stage 3, all students study the core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, Geography and History. This gives students a solid foundation of learning, from which they can begin to specialise through GCSE options and beyond. For example, a KS3 pupil may discover a love for creative media at KS3 and decide that creativity and technology is a path they would like to pursue in their education and future career. This might lead to them choosing subjects which align with that goal at GCSE level.

Studying Key Stage 3 online also covers these same fundamental subjects, with students at King’s InterHigh following the same curriculum as is taught in traditional schools across the UK. Online learning can offer additional benefits on top of the fundamentals taught at Key Stage 3 level, such as the flexibility to revisit lessons at any time and smaller class sizes.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is the program of learning defined by the UK government to be taught to students aged between 11 and 14.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum consists of compulsory national curriculum subjects which are supplemented by other subject options, such as art and music. Compulsory Key Stage 3 subjects include English, maths, science, humanities, and languages. To see the KS3 subjects we deliver at King’s InterHigh, click here.

These subjects cover a broad spectrum of academic knowledge, whilst encouraging students’ personal development too. Teachers encourage students to think outside the box in lessons, so pupils begin to develop their analytical and creative thinking skills for the first time.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum also provides the opportunity for both independent and collaborative learning, so students can both take responsibility for their own learning and work harmoniously with others. This means pupils can go into the next stage of their education, which is usually GCSEs, feeling confident in their academic knowledge and personal skills, for the best possible chance at success.

Key Stage 3 progresses naturally from the subjects students cover in Key Stage 2, with increased time in the Core subjects Maths , English and Science and access to a broader selection of optional subjects .

Student progress at Key Stage 3 is supported by our pastoral and academic curriculum. Students will  develop their subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and approaches to learning  as they study subject and topics at  a progressively deeper level. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to develop their personal skills, such as creativity, independence, and analytical thinking, further than is expected at Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 3 comes with excitement and challenges for a child transitioning from Key Stage 2. The Key Stage 2 curriculum is designed to cover everything a child needs in order to progress on to Key Stage 3. Choosing a school which offers a child the correct level of support is vital to ensure they feel settled, comfortable, and confident in their new school environment.

For students already studying online, continuing their education online is a natural choice. Many families with children in a traditional school at Key Stage 2 do also choose to move their child’s education online at the Key Stage 3 level. Online Key Stage 3 is a great next step to make from Key Stage 2, as some virtual schools are able to accommodate smaller class sizes (we have a maximum class size at King’s InterHigh of 20 students), so there is less disruption in lessons and more time for each pupil to interact, ask questions and join in with group discussions.

All assessment and testing in KS3 is internal and students will not take any external examinations during this key stage. We regularly assess student progress through a variety method including formative and summative assignments and Year 9 students complete regular low -takes cycle testing 

Historically, students took KS3 SATs at the end of year 9, but these were abolished in 2008. Instead, it is up to each individual school to decide how and when they conduct exams in Key Stage 3 in order to monitor students’ progress. We encourage all children to complete the CEM MidYIS Baseline tests when they join to provide us with an understanding of their strengths and potential.

When learning online, parents can check in on their child’s progress not only through summative grades s and direct teacher contact, but also throughout the year using teacher feedback given on pieces of work and assignments. This means that any challenges your child is facing can be identified more quickly than in a traditional school environment and a solution put in place to help them overcome difficulties.

Education beyond Key Stage 3

We offer a wide range of International GCSE and A Level courses, taught by accredited teachers in our innovative, virtual classrooms.