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About us

King’s InterHigh is an online school bringing flexible, personalised learning to homeschooling families.

Whether you’re a long-time home educator or just starting out, you can choose how King’s InterHigh supports your family with homeschooling. Get all the benefits of expert teaching, social opportunities, and personalised learning without a rigid school structure.

Full British curriculum

Studying the exact same curriculum as schools and colleges across the UK.  

Flexible education

Enrol into full timetables of live lessons, select specific subjects, or join as a library learner to study from recordings.

Involving parents

Full visibility over grades, feedback and more through your dedicated Parent Hub. Book one-to-one virtual sessions with teachers too. 

Non-selective school

Your child doesn’t need any prior grades or previous qualifications to join us, even for GCSEs and A Levels.

Part of a school community

From online clubs to in-person meetups, our students can socialise with classmates around the world. 

Time off without pressure

We don’t follow the rigid structures of mainstream schools, with flexibility to take holidays and time off whenever you need. 

Choosing your packages

We offer flexible packages for homeschooling families, so your child can study anything between 3 and 9 subjects with us, depending on their need and year group. 

How King's InterHigh supports homeschooling families

King’s InterHigh brings you all the benefits of an in-person school (including the full UK curriculum, expert teachers, live classes, school houses, and social opportunities), whilst allowing you to maintain the flexibility of studying from home. We also offer:

  • Weekly tutorials for personal development
  • Workshops to overcome challenges like exam stress
  • Lesson recordings and resources available 24/7
  • School assemblies to celebrate success
  • Drop-in academic clubs.
  • A Parent Hub which gives families full visibility over their child’s education
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At King’s InterHigh, we fully support home-educating families and the homeschooling community with high-quality, personalised learning designed to deliver an education that meets the needs of students, parents, and guardians. 

How we teach

Students can enjoy both live lessons and 24/7 access to lesson recordings or join us as a library learner to study wholly from recorded classes. You take control of your learning.  

How We Teach

Expert subject specialist teachers 

Learn the British curriculum with expert subject specialist teachers, who are trained in online education and making learning engaging, fun and collaborative. 

Meet the teachers

Opportunities to make friends for life

Students have access to virtual clubs, in-person trips, summer camps, away days and even local meetups with fellow King’s InterHigh families. 

School Life
Student stories

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from our students.

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Charlotte Hauptfleisch

Trustpilot review, King’s InterHigh Parent

“There are classes for anxiety, social interactions, clubs - you name it, they have it. You as a parent are not alone in your child's homeschool journey.”

James Hanberry

Trustpilot review, King’s InterHigh Parent

“From home-schooling to online schooling, making the shift to Kings IH was a game changer. We are very grateful to have found this unique and fabulous school.”


Trustpilot review, King’s InterHigh Parent

“After lockdown, I knew I couldn't be the homeschooling parent they required. We found Kings InterHigh and haven't looked back.”


We guide each student to fall in love with learning and achieve their best

71% of students achieved a Grade 4+

3% higher than the JCQ Average

29% of students achieved a Grade 7+

7% higher than the JCQ Average

71% of students with an identified SEN Type achieved a Grade 4+

Key stages

Supporting families at every stage of education

For ages 719, King’s InterHigh empowers students to thrive with personalised, supportive, world-class learning — fully online.


Homeschooling Online FAQs

Yes. Online educators, like King’s InterHigh, offer comprehensive homeschooling support for families seeking high-quality teaching and resources across a range of subjects, including GCSEs, A Levels, and various primary and secondary topics. Whether you’re navigating complex subjects or seeking a flexible balance between work and homeschooling, online education can be an invaluable supplement to your homeschooling program.

Homeschooling your child online is seamless with the assistance of King’s InterHigh. Our experienced and qualified teachers conduct live online lessons, and all sessions are recorded for convenient review anytime, day or night. We actively encourage interaction and socialisation, with teachers readily available to address any queries

your child may have. Through our parent hub, parents can monitor their child’s progress, while each pupil enjoys access to a personal control panel featuring homeschooling resources, engaging virtual clubs, and more.

At King’s InterHigh, you have the flexibility to choose between full support across all subjects or opt for individual courses tailored to your child’s needs. With partial support, you retain the autonomy to deliver your homeschool curriculum while ensuring your child benefits from access to the British curriculum delivered through high-quality teaching as part of a diverse, global community of learners.

For many families, online homeschooling proves highly effective, offering a pathway to child-centred learning. Recognising that every learner is unique, online homeschooling provides ample opportunities for children to embrace their individuality and progress at a pace that suits them best.

Traditional school hours may not always align with a child’s peak learning times. With online homeschooling, your child has the flexibility to access lesson recordings and resources at their convenience. Plus, with internet connectivity, they can study from virtually anywhere, providing the freedom to learn in environments where they feel most comfortable.

Online learning environments foster focused, uninterrupted learning experiences, devoid of the typical noise and distractions encountered in traditional classrooms. This enables students to engage fully in their studies, progress at their own rhythm, and pursue other interests with more energy.

Access to qualified subject experts ensures that complex topics are comprehensively addressed without adding pressure on parents to serve as instructors. Should your child have questions, they can be noted for discussion during live lessons, ensuring a thorough understanding of challenging subjects and peace of mind for parents.

Online homeschooling offers a number of advantages, enhancing flexibility, social interaction, engagement, and overall well-being.


One of the most significant perks of online homeschooling is the flexibility it affords. You have the freedom to schedule your child’s study sessions based on what works best for them. Whether they thrive in the morning or are more focused later in the day, online learning accommodates their unique rhythms. Additionally, as lessons and resources are available round-the-clock, your child can tailor their learning around other commitments and activities – giving your family maximum flexibility.


Online homeschooling provides ample opportunities for social interaction. Through virtual classrooms, students can engage with teachers and peers, fostering both academic collaboration and personal support. Group activities and problem-solving exercises encourage teamwork and the development of interpersonal skills. At King’s InterHigh, our vibrant online community offers various virtual clubs and extracurricular activities, enabling students to connect with like-minded individuals. Additionally, regular in-person events and local meetups organised by parent communities facilitate face-to-face interactions, enriching social experiences.


With reduced classroom distractions and no commute, online homeschooling promotes enhanced engagement during lessons. Students can concentrate fully on their studies. The absence of crowded environments ensures a conducive learning environment conducive to focused learning.


Learning from the comfort of home contributes to your child’s overall well-being, fostering emotional intelligence, curiosity, and creativity. Online homeschooling allows you to integrate their education seamlessly with other aspects of their life, eliminating the need for compromises. Participating in our online extracurricular activities further creates a sense of community and belonging, providing opportunities for socialisation, skill development, and personal growth.

If you are looking to enrol your child in online learning for full-time or part-time home education, you can use our fee calculator to estimate how much this will cost on an annual or per-term basis.

Enrolling with an online school like King’s InterHigh is a hassle-free process, and your child can join our school at any point during the academic year. To begin, we suggest exploring our primary, secondary or sixth form pages, depending on your child’s age, to discover more about our offerings, including our engaging learning experience, skilled educators, and wide array of subjects.

When you’re ready to enrol, simply fill out our registration form and pay your deposit. Upon registration, you’ll receive an email containing instructions on completing the online enrolment process.

Our team is available to assist you at every stage. If you have any questions or if you wish to discuss your family’s homeschooling requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Students join our community at anytime through the school year and can be learning within just two days. Speak to our admissions team to find out more.

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Students join our community at anytime through the school year and can be learning within just two days. Speak to our admissions team to find out more.

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