Why study A Levels online?

Recognised and respected around the world, online A Levels are the next step after GCSEs in the British curriculum, preparing students aged 16 to 19 for a bright future.

At King’s InterHigh, we offer over 20 engaging and in-depth A Level subjects to choose from, giving students the freedom to specialise in their own interests, learning from anywhere in the world. A Levels also build students’ skills in critical thinking and problem solving, for a well-rounded education.

How we teach A Levels online

Through expert teaching, we guide our online A Level students to challenge themselves, apply their learning beyond the classroom, and excel in their examinations. 

At King’s InterHigh, our expert teachers guide students through their A Levels with live, interactive lessons — all of which are recorded for viewing anytime, anywhere. From quizzes and breakout rooms to cutting-edge technologies, our virtual classrooms are packed with tools to help students thrive on their A Level courses.

Our online A Level learning model

To ensure students get a rich and comprehensive understanding of all their A Level topics, we use a three-step proven online learning model.

Step 1


Each A Level topic begins with a Lead lesson, where students examine the foundational concepts, themes, and theories they need to know. These lecture-style classes prepare students for the in-depth learning to come.

Step 2


Explore lessons are small group tutorial sessions that delve into more detail. In these classes, learners unravel each topic through discussion with teachers, breakout rooms with classmates, and more interactive elements like quizzes and polls.

Step 3


Apply tasks solidify learning by bringing all that knowledge together. To complete each task, students must use their newfound understanding to solve problems and answer important questions.

A wide choice of online A Level courses

We offer a vast range of online A Level subjects to choose from, covering sciences, languages, humanities, media, and more. No matter what future you aspire to, you’ll find the right A Levels to support your university or career goals at King’s InterHigh.

Study a full selection of A Levels online with us or complement your studies with additional A Level subjects that aren’t offered at your current school.

Year 12 and 13 Options

If joining in Year 12 or 13 from September 2022 – July 2023. Please choose only one option from each group - this is to ensure your choices fit with our timetable.

Group A
Biology (Intl)
English Literature
Further Maths
Computer Science
Group B
English Language
Group C
Physics (Intl)
Biology (Intl)
Group D
Chemistry (Intl)
Computer Science
English Language
Group E
Classical Civilisation
Chemistry (Intl)
English Literature

Online A Levels FAQs

You can take your A Levels online at a virtual school. With new technologies, and the pandemic accelerating a shift to online learning, studying your A Levels online is now more common than ever.

Doing your A Levels online gives you the flexibility to learn from anywhere with an internet connection and take your lessons on the go with you. It also helps prepare you for the next stage of your education. Whether you want to progress to university or head straight into the world of work, online education allows you to take ownership of your learning and gives you the flexibility to pursue hobbies, sport or a job alongside your studies.

Choosing which online education provider to study your A Levels with is a very important decision. You need to consider the resources each school can offer you and the level of independence you want with your studies. Quality virtual schools will allow you access to lesson recordings 24/7, which is perfect for revisiting and revising tricky topics.

Online learning also provides socialisation opportunities. You will learn in the same class groups, just like you would in a Sixth Form or College, so you can study alongside the same group of students each week. You can get to know fellow students in your online common rooms and take part in extracurricular activities to meet other students outside of lesson time too.

King’s InterHigh is a virtual school which offers all the support of in-person A Levels, including 1 to 1 teacher support and small class sizes with no more than 20 students. This is a great step between the independent learning of a university, with the same help and guidance of an in-person Sixth Form or College. At King’s InterHigh, online lessons are delivered live by our experienced teachers, and we use break out groups for shared activities. Our teachers drop into these groups to check on the individuals’ understanding of the subject and to answer any questions too.

For more information on the transition from in-school GCSEs to online A Levels, be sure to have a read of our advice article, by clicking here.

You can study the same A Level subjects online as you can in a traditional Sixth Form or College. A Level subjects you can take online include:

  • Sciences – such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Computer Science
  • Arts and Humanities – such as Geography, Classical Civilisation, English Language, English Literature, Business, Sociology, Law
  • Languages – such as French, German, Spanish

At King’s InterHigh we offer a wide range of A Levels online, which follow the exact same syllabus as Colleges and Sixth Forms across the UK and give you the same qualification. There is no difference in the eyes of a university between the qualification you get from a physical Sixth Form or College and the ones you receive from studying your A Levels online. You can choose to study all, or just some, of your A Levels online. You may wish to take one isolated subject online, if your Sixth Form or College doesn’t offer it, or you can enjoy the benefits of online learning full-time.

Studying with a virtual school can be a great way to get prepared for university style learning, without making the full leap to self-led learning. Learn more about how online A Levels can prepare you for university by clicking here.

We offer over 20 A Level subjects online at King’s InterHigh, which cover a broad range of topics, so that you can select the perfect combination of subjects for your dream career or university course. To see our full list of subjects, click here.

The cost will vary depending on the education provider and the number of subjects you wish to study. At King’s InterHigh our fees start at £495 for 1 A Level subject on a rolling contract, per half term. Usually, a student will study 3 A Levels online, which would cost £1150 per half term or £4895 for the year on an annual contract.

Each online A Level provider will have their own additional fees, which will be an additional cost to the tuition fees. Make sure you check all the information regarding fees before starting the enrollment process to avoid any surprises. You can click here to view our most up to date fees information.

When choosing where to study your A Levels online, consider the different levels of support on offer with each institution. Lower cost online A Levels can be entirely self-led, which can be a shock if you are only used to teacher support. Investing in a great virtual school will offer you all the same support through your A Levels that you had in traditional schooling, with real, qualified teachers on hand and live, timetabled lessons every week.

At King’s InterHigh, we give you the choice of a rolling contract. This offers maximum flexibility alongside your lifestyle, allowing you to cancel at any time. Alternatively, you can choose an annual contract with yearly payments to secure your place with us for the academic year.

If you would love to start your journey with us at King’s InterHigh, you can click here to get an estimate cost of studying your A Levels with us.

Online A Levels are as equally respected and valued by universities as A Levels earned at a physical Sixth Form or College, and the qualification itself is also exactly the same. The UCAS points are equivalent for both in-person and online A Levels, and they are seen as one and the same in university applications.

Studying for your A Levels online helps to prepare you for university style learning, but still with the same level of support you would receive at a traditional Sixth Form and College. Just like you would at university, you can drop back in on past topics with 24/7 access to lesson recordings, so you can revisit topics when it comes time for revision.

However, with an online learning platform like King’s InterHigh, you still have all the 1 to 1 support of our dedicated teachers and live, timetabled lessons, where you can ask questions through the chat box. Our lessons also use smaller break out groups, for working on group tasks or discussing topics with your classmates and teacher.

To learn more about online A Levels can prepare you for university, click here.

Online learning can be the perfect solution for students looking to pick up an extra A Level outside of school. You can earn an extra A Level online, which is equivalent in terms of UCAS points, and you will be learning the same course content as a traditional school too. Whether you are looking to pick up a subject which your school is unable to offer, or you want to go above and beyond to impress on your university application, online schooling is the ideal solution to extend your in-person studies.

By joining an online learning platform like King’s InterHigh, you are also getting all the benefits of online learning, with access to a wealth of learning resources and lesson recordings. This means you can drop back in on topics when it comes to revision and catch up on recordings of the lessons you would otherwise have missed when attending your in-person classes.

It doesn’t matter how many A Levels you study with us; you will still get access to the same 1 to 1 teacher support and regular live lessons with our expert teachers. This means you can make sure you have a complete understanding of every one of your subjects, both in school and online.

A Levels, which stands for Advanced Level qualifications, are the qualifications widely taken across the UK when students reach the end of Year 13, at age 18. They can be taken at a College, Sixth Form, or online with a virtual school such as King’s InterHigh. Online A Levels give you more flexibility to revisit topics at your own pace, with access to the live lesson recordings available 24/7, as well as a library of learning resources too.

A Levels are the perfect step between GCSEs and university, with most degree level courses in the UK requiring three A Levels or equivalent, sometimes specifying specific subjects too. A Levels are much more in depth than GCSEs and are a chance for students to really start to specialise in the topics they are passionate about. They require more independent study time than GCSEs, and students are expected to take on responsibility for their learning. However, they still have the support of their teachers, should they need a helping hand.

If you are looking to join a university after studying your A Levels online, check if there are any specific requirements for the degree courses you are looking at, so you can ensure you are taking the best subjects for you and your future.

A Levels aren’t just for higher education – they can also be a great option if you are unsure what career path you want to take, and you’d like to keep your options open. A Levels teach valuable skills which can be transferred straight into a workplace too. For example, collaborative skills, time management and learning to take the initiative to ask for help when encountering a tricky topic.

The maximum recommended number of A Levels you can take is 5. When choosing how many A Levels to take, your priority should be getting the best grades possible from a few subjects, rather than trying to overstretch yourself with a larger number of subjects. Most students choose to study three A Levels. This is the number of subjects that most students find to be manageable, and the usual number requested by universities. Three A Level subjects will give you an in-depth knowledge across a small selection of subjects, and a great foundation of knowledge ready for university.

Different degree courses have different requirements from A Level. It is important to consider the university courses you are applying to, and which subjects they recommend selecting. Some may request a specific subject, such as Biology to be able to study Medicine, so make sure you check that your A Level choices line up with your ideal university course’s entry requirements.

However, if you feel like you can handle up to five subjects, online learning with a virtual school gives you the flexibility and resources to be able to excel, as you can revisit lesson recordings and learning materials 24/7. If you are studying extra subjects alongside those in a physical Sixth Form or College, you can catch up on any live lessons you miss during the school day in your spare time too.

To discover more of the benefits of studying for your A Levels online, click here.

For the academic year of 2022-23, UCAS has confirmed that there is a maximum of 56 points and a minimum of 16 points for A Levels from Grade A*-E. The number of UCAS points you get from an A Level depends on the grade you receive; the higher your grade, the more points you earn.

The full breakdown of how UCAS points correlates to the grade you receive at A Level can be seen below:


UCAS Tariff points













UCAS points are used by universities to evaluate and compare all post-16 qualifications in the UK. This means that students applying to universities can be compared, no matter whether they studied A Levels, BTECs or any other qualifications. Universities set a recommended number of UCAS points to ensure that students who are accepted onto each course have the academic ability and study skills to be able to excel in their degree. Most degree courses will have the number of UCAS points they require on their websites, so be sure to check both the number of UCAS points and the subjects they require for that course, when choosing your A Level subjects. This will put you in the best position possible when it is time to start your university application.

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