What support do we offer at King's InterHigh?

Our flexible and personalised online education is designed to support students of all needs and circumstances — including young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) or additional learning needs (ALN).

Read on to learn more about our school and support, or get in touch with us to discuss how we can adapt to suit your child’s unique needs.


Why King's InterHigh works

Rather than allocating specific students to a SEN coordinator, King’s InterHigh attends to every individual child’s needs and requirements. From their lessons to their online dashboards, learners with special educational needs are supported all the way.

Flexible learning

King’s InterHigh students can learn at their own pace with 24/7 access to recordings of every lesson.

Timetables can be personalised to learners’ requirements, and students can start with a few as three subjects.

Progress tracking

Our online dashboards track all student progress, so teachers can see which learners need support to meet (and exceed) their targets.

Plus, you can view your child’s work, grades, and more at the touch of a button via your parent portal.

Calm classrooms

Our virtual classrooms are free from noisy chatter, bullying, and other challenges that affect many students with special educational needs.

Students can join lessons from wherever they feel comfortable and focus on learning without distractions.

Specialist teachers

All teachers at King’s InterHigh are highly experienced in their fields and trained to support students with SEND.

Alongside holding regular consultations with parents, teachers also provide ongoing feedback through students’ dashboards.

We moved our child to King's InterHigh.. after a horrendous experince in mainstream provision where his autistic, sensory and mental health needs were not met. Since joining King's InterHigh, our child's school-based anxieties and barriers to learning have greatly reduced and he is engaging really well with lessons and his love of learning is returning. It's both a pleasure to see and a huge relief to us as parents.

Louise H.

King's InterHigh parent (via Trustpilot)

Individual support adjustments

Our wide range of optional support adjustments ensure that every student can learn comfortably and achieve their full potential.

These adjustments include:

  • Camera and microphone exemptions, allowing students to participate fully by typing
  • Year group changes, for individual subjects or across the whole year
  • Flexible timetables for students who focus better at certain times of day or need to attend regular treatments
  • Homework exemptions, discussed on request
  • Optional courses to tackle anxiety, exam stress, and more

Schoolwide support

Alongside individual adjustments, all students with SEND benefit from a range of supports across our school:

  • Induction week to ease all students into the start of school
  • Student profiles, so teachers can see your child’s needs at any time
  • Reduced homework and increased tutor support for Primary students
  • Cycle testing to reduce anxiety for Secondary and Sixth Form students
  • Ways to connect with parents and families in similar circumstances

My daughter missed 3 years of secondary school after a long-awaited diagnosis of autism... It is the best decision I made to move her to King's InterHigh. The staff are incredibly friendly, supportive and understanding of my daughter's needs. The quality and presentation of teaching is outstanding and her progress has been incredible. She is loving learning and now wants to continue to A Levels.

Jacquelyn A.

King's InterHigh parent (via Trustpilot)

Find out how we can support your family

Book a call with us at your convenience or get in touch online — we’re here to talk about supporting your child’s special educational needs or disabilities.

Joining our school

King’s InterHigh accepts enrolments at any point during the year, and you can begin learning within just a few days. From registration to graduation, we work to support your child through their full journey with us.

Need help with fees? If your child has a disability or special educational needs, you can apply for tuition fee funding directly from your local authority.




When you join us, we’ll gather all the necessary information on your child’s needs and targets. From there, we work with you to agree on the best study pathway and course of support.




Throughout the year, we monitor your child’s grades and wellbeing closely. You’ll be able to track your child’s progress and keep up with their learning through your parent portal. Teachers also track progress closely, making sure any issues or concerns are caught early.




We understand that your child’s needs may change as they study with us. Whether they outgrow their initial exemptions or their timetable needs further tailoring, we can adjust support as needed to suit your family’s requirements.

Wellbeing and pastoral care

Our supportive school environment extends beyond the classroom too, with a multi-faceted approach to wellbeing and pastoral care. From clubs to tutor sessions, your child will have plenty of opportunities to bond with classmates and get teacher guidance.

Warm community

Our welcoming community is home to students of all needs, backgrounds, lifestyles, and nationalities — but our House system means new joiners won’t be overwhelmed.

Houses are smaller, more tight-knit groups that bring students a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Tutor time

Tutors are a consistent point of contact, meeting with students in group sessions every week.

Students can also meet their tutors for regular one-on-one sessions to discuss concerns around their life, wellbeing, learning, and academics.

Social activities

Students can enjoy a wide variety of social activities, including clubs and extra-curricular activities that suit their interests.

For students who struggled with friendships in mainstream schooling, this offers a wonderful opportunity to forge bonds in a comfortable environment.

Optional support

With a wide range of additional support options on offer, students can get the right help and guidance for them.

Choices include open door and vent sessions, exam anxiety courses, support classes in key subjects (for ages 11 to 16), and more.

After many many years of fighting for a suitable education for our daughter we were finally in a position to be able to try Kings InterHigh school and my only regret is that we didn't do it sooner. She is so much happier here and she is finally enjoying and engaging in her lessons. Our daughter has SEN and this is without a doubt the best thing for her.

Shelley L.

King's InterHigh parent (via Trustpilot)