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We aim to understand each individual and champion their path to success

The traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach isn’t the right approach for every young person. We believe that schools should not only recognise students’ differences but also celebrate and support them. At King’s InterHigh, we want school to be a place your child is happy to come to, where they can learn their way, achieve their best, and feel a sense of belonging.

24/7 lesson recordings available

If you can’t attend real-time lessons, catch up on recordings at a time that’s right.

Inclusive, flexible education

From inclusive teaching plans to personalised learning pathways and extra academic support, we prioritise your child’s needs.

Highly trained teachers

Every teacher at King’s InterHigh is trained in supporting special educational needs and delivering inclusive education.

Pressure-free learning environment

At our school, every student is listened to and encouraged to be their unique self.

Dedicated SEN team

Our team of caring SEN experts collaborate with teachers to ensure learning is accessible to everyone.

SEN support services

Choose from additional services including workshops for social skills, anxiety management, academic support, and more.

Adjusting to your child

Individual support adjustments

No matter your child’s individual needs and requirements, King’s InterHigh can create a learning experience that works best for them. We offer a wide range of optional support adjustments designed to help students feel happier, more confident, and more supported at school. Support can be changed and adjusted at any time as your child progresses, and our experienced SEN team are always on hand to help.

Camera and microphone exemptions

Students are able to participate in lessons by typing if they prefer.

Year group changes

Students can move year groups (by subject or for the whole year) to match their personal pace.

Flexible timetables

Lesson times can be adjusted to suit a student’s focus or fit around regular appointments.

Homework exemptions or extensions

To ensure students have a manageable study load.

Optional courses and workshops

To help our students tackle anxiety, exam stress, and more.

Additional schoolwide support

Induction week, student profiles, ways to connect with other families and cycle testing for reduced anxiety.

Getting started

Joining our school

Students can join us at any point during the year and begin learning within just a few days!

Need help with fees? If your child has a disability or special educational needs, you can apply for tuition fee funding directly from your local authority.

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Getting to know your child

When you join us, our educators and SEN support team will get to know your child and their unique qualities so we can understand how best to support them. From there, we work together with you and your child to create a personalised learning pathway that nurtures their growth every step of the way.

Checking in

Throughout the school year, we stay closely connected to your child’s grades, progress and emotional wellbeing, regularly checking in with their needs. As a parent or caregiver, you can stay involved too through your Parent Hub.

Adapting to your child

As your child grows with us, we adapt with them. Our flexibility means we can adjust your child’s learning to suit their changing needs, whether they need additional support, a change to their timetable, or you want to reduce adjustments as your child builds confidence and progresses. At King’s InterHigh, we make sure every student’s education revolves around them.

Student stories

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from our students.

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King’s InterHigh Parent

“Our child’s autistic and since joining King's InterHigh, his school-based anxieties and barriers to learning have greatly reduced.”


King’s InterHigh Student

I struggled at school because I'm dyslexic. At King's InterHigh I am not rushed and can watch a lesson as many times as I like."

Ronan's Mum

Mum of Ronan, who has Aspergers.

“King’s InterHigh has been an absolute life changer for our son.”

Wider support

Support for parents and caregivers too

Alongside your child’s grades, feedback, and progress, the Parent Hub is home to a wealth of knowledge articles that will help you understand all the support we offer and how you can make the most of online learning with us.


1:1 calls with teachers

You don’t have to wait until Parent’s Evening to check in on your child’s progress or ask a question about learning — our teachers are on hand for on-demand, one-to-one virtual calls.

Insight into your child's education

The Parent Hub is home to a wealth of knowledge articles that will help you understand our school, view your child’s grades, feedback, and progress, book time off school, and update your child’s Inclusive Teaching Plan.

Part of a community

The King’s InterHigh community offers a truly welcoming, stress-free, enjoyable opportunity to connect with other parents and carers. We organise virtual social activities, online clubs, school-wide events and competitions, and even school trips or meetups with other families.

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School insights

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Supporting students with SEN FAQs

At King’s InterHigh, we prioritise student integration and support from the very start. Our comprehensive student induction program includes an in-person session, supplemented by video guides, designed to familiarise students with all school systems and processes. This interactive approach ensures that students can ask questions and feel confident as they settle into our learning environment.

Moreover, we place a special emphasis on supporting students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our staff are trained to take note of any required follow-up communication, ensuring that we address the unique needs of SEND students and their families effectively.

In addition, students can connect with their dedicated Reflect Tutor. These tutors are instrumental in assessing how well students are settling in and accessing learning, providing personalised support and guidance where needed.

At King’s InterHigh, we are committed to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for every student, ensuring that they have the resources and assistance they need to thrive academically and personally.

Parents and caregivers can complete a form that will be used to develop a personalised ‘Inclusive Teaching Plan’ for their child as part of the enrolment or renewal process.

This plan is designed to equip teachers with comprehensive information across four key categories:

  • Understanding your child’s needs
  • Support to access learning materials
  • Enabling your child to thrive in a classroom environment
  • Ensuring that your child can make learning progress

Teachers will leverage this invaluable insight to tailor their planning, teaching, and assessment strategies, ensuring they align closely with best practices. Additionally, the Inclusive Teaching Plan will be conveniently accessible on the Parent Hub for easy reference and ongoing collaboration between parents, caregivers, and educators.

We recognise and value the uniqueness of every child, seeing it as something to be cherished and nurtured. If you’d like to discuss your child’s individual needs in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We’re here to help.

We offer a variety of options for parents and caregivers to tailor their child’s educational experience, ensuring it aligns with their unique needs and aspirations while providing a comprehensive curriculum and the opportunity to achieve desired qualifications.

These options include:

  • Live or Non-Live Learning: Choose between participating in live classes or accessing pre-recorded sessions, providing flexibility to accommodate various schedules.
  • Flexible Subject Selection: Customise the number of subjects studied to fit individual preferences and goals, with the option to deviate from our recommended packages.
  • Club Participation: Supplement the core curriculum with virtual extracurricular activities and clubs tailored to specific interests and passions.
  • Contribution Level Selection: Empower students to define their preferred mode of participation in class discussions and activities, whether through voice, video, text, or a combination thereof.

Additionally, the education team at King’s InterHigh undergo regular training and are equipped with specialised strategies and resources to support the diverse learning needs of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Through the creation of an Inclusive Teaching Plan based on information provided by parents and caregivers, teachers are informed of students’ additional learning requirements and adapt their instructional approaches, drawing from the latest pedagogical research and best practices. If you’d like to discuss your child’s individual needs in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We’re here to help.

In a physical school setting, teaching assistants often play a role in ensuring that students can effectively engage with their learning and navigate the school environment. However, as an online school, our learning environment is inherently designed to cater to the diverse needs of students, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Our online platform provides a calm, purposeful, and supportive atmosphere, which is already tailored to accommodate students who may have encountered challenges in a traditional school setting. While we may not have teaching assistants in the traditional sense, we offer a range of resources and support mechanisms to empower students and help them thrive.

Students have access to various avenues for assistance and guidance. Whether it’s an Inclusive Teaching Plan, peer support networks, or specialised resources, we are committed to ensuring that every student receives the support they need to succeed academically and emotionally.

Access arrangements, such as extra time or the use of word processing, can be requested for students with a professional diagnosis of SEND by contacting the dedicated SEN team.

Teachers will ensure that these arrangements are implemented during assessments. It’s essential for parents or carers to have obtained a professional diagnosis before indicating that their child requires an access arrangement such as extra time. However, if this diagnosis is in the process of being acquired, please let us know if you need guidance on how to proceed, and we can provide support. Additionally, we can offer advice on how to apply for access arrangements to be implemented by the exam centre for external examinations through our exams team.

Currently, King’s InterHigh does not offer assessment services. The diagnosis of SEN is typically obtained through local authority services, educational psychologists, or medical professionals. Private assessments are also an option. If you’re considering this route, we suggest seeking a registered educational psychologist through the British Psychological Society’s directory, available here:

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