Working as a King's InterHigh education agent

Online education is rapidly growing globally. King’s InterHigh works with trusted agents across the world to help promote and deliver our services to schools, sporting academies and institutions interested in education provision. All our agents are passionate and knowledgeable about education and have contacts in the regions and countries in which they operate. They provide a crucial connection between King’s InterHigh and prospective partners.

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Offering a whole new world of opportunities to students and schools

As a King’s InterHigh agent you’ll be opening up our wide range of exceptional educational provision to schools, students, academies and institutions.

Leading the way for online education

Established in 2005, King’s InterHigh is a complete interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College. We welcome pupils from across the UK and Internationally. A COBIS member, we have the flexibility to offer our services to international students, schools, academies and institutions.

Quality British education

King’s InterHigh offers British education delivered live by an expert faculty, who have experience in teaching online and in the classroom. Some International Schools find it difficult to recruit the teachers they require to deliver a broad and engaging curriculum. Our online status enables us to offer flexible support, acting as a partner to help fill those gaps.

Offer more subjects

In some cases, there is not enough demand in certain subjects to justify hiring a full-time teacher. Using our online services can help broaden the curriculum schools and academies deliver by providing on demand education, without the need to hire additional staff.

Flexible timetables

All lessons are recorded, providing a useful resource to students for revision, project work or to catch up. We can also provide timetables which fit around training sessions, tournaments, rehearsals and performances for sporting academies and stage schools.

Become a King's InterHigh education agent

King’s InterHigh welcomes applications from reputable education agents across the world as we continue to expand our network. We are seeking to build great relationships with agents who understand the education sector and demand for UK curriculum school learning within your local market. Ideally, you should also have existing connections with institutions or individuals looking for UK curriculum courses. If you fit these criteria and believe you can help grow the market for King’s InterHigh and Wey Education, then please get in touch. Depending on your expertise, network and capacity we can enter into a third party agency arrangement.

Get in touch

If you represent an International school, sporting academy or stage school and are interested in learning more about King's InterHigh and how our partnerships work, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. If you'd like to submit an enquiry around studying at King's InterHigh as an individual, please visit and fill in our enquiry form.

    How online learning works

    Real-time lessons, a broad core curriculum and a wide choice of extra-curricular subjects. Find out more about how our sophisticated cloud-based learning platform works.

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    Our curriculum

    King's InterHigh School delivers a fully interactive British education available to students and partners worldwide. Our unique school offers the best in Primary, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs and A level courses, delivered by experienced teachers.

    Key Stage 2 | Years 3-6 | Ages 7-11

    Primary School

    Key Stage: Years 7-9 | Ages 11-14

    Middle School

    Key Stage 4: Years 10-11 | Ages 14-16

    Senior School

    Key Stage 5: Sixth Form | Ages 16-18