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No, there is currently no financial support available from InterHigh at the moment. We would recommend you speak to the person in charge of Alternative Provision at your local authority as they will be the ones to potentially offer assistance with costs, usually students who have an EHCP get funding assistance. We have students at InterHigh who’s fees are paid in this way, so it is possible, however, it is for the parent to arrange with their Local Authority.

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To confirm a place for the student, we require a deposit of £500.00 for UK pupils and £1000.00 for non UK. Please be aware the deposit for non-UK pupils is equal to one school terms fees. For KS2 and 3 students the £500.00 deposit is returned at the end of the academic year after any outstanding fees have been paid. For KS4 and 5 students the £500.00/£1000.00 deposit is returned at the end of the academic year after any outstanding fees have been paid and once the student sent back their exam results to InterHigh.

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Fees can be paid annually or monthly depending on the contract you take out: For more information on our fees please click on the link >

When is the deposit paid and what are the conditions for getting the deposit back? If the fee is paid in one lump sum, there is no deposit required. If the fee is paid over 12 monthly payments, a deposit will be required.

Academic Fee Deposit for UK students: £500

Academic Fee Deposit for EU and Rest of World students: £1000

When a place is accepted, a deposit of £500 is payable to InterHigh. For students who reside outside of the UK, the deposit is £1000.

For Key Stage 2 and 3, the deposit will be returned at the end of the school year when any outstanding fees and other charges have been paid.
For Key Stage 4 and 5, the deposit will be returned once any outstanding fees and other charges have been paid, and the student has fed back their exam results to the Head of Key Stage 4/5.

If a place is cancelled by the parent after acceptance, but before the child starts school, the deposit is non-refundable.

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You can pay online with bank transfer or over the phone with card. Further information can be found on our fees page >

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This is dependant on which key stage and year group the pupil is entering. The fees are also dependent on what contract or promotional package you wish to sign up to and what subjects you wish to take. For more information on our fees please click on the link >

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If you pay the full year fees as a lump sum, there is no deposit required. 

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No, if you start during a half-term you will need to pay the whole half-term fee. 

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It is possible to switch from the Rolling to the Annual Contract. In this case, the remaining fee would be a proportion of the annual cost depending on the number of half terms remaining in the academic year e.g. 5 half terms remaining = 5/6 of the annual fee. The fee could be paid either monthly or up front. If paying monthly, a deposit would be due. Please note, you cannot switch from the Annual to the Rolling Contract during the academic year.

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We offer a discount per additional sibling enrolled. The discounted amount is calculated depending on the time of the school year the additional sibling(s) join. This will be deducted from the total annual fees (not applicable for students on the Rolling Contract). 

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Yes, we offer IGCSEs and A-Levels, which are accepted by Universities. We always advise checking with the University beforehand, for peace of mind.

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There is no minimum, but we would always recommend all InterHigh student sign up for the core package dependent on their key stage.

KS2 Core 8 Subjects
KS3 Core 9 Subjects
KS4 Core 7 Subjects
KS5 3 Subjects

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There is no guarantee that the content is the same – different schools may study subjects in different orders – you would be able to see what has been covered in previous lessons.

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Depending on where you sit the exams you would need to discuss with the centre the provision for access arrangements. Our exams team will be able to assist with any related questions: [email protected]

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IGCSEs are accepted by colleges and our international A Levels are accepted by universities across the world.

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Currently, there are no minimum requirements for A level study.

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InterHigh are accredited to deliver iGCSEs from the following examining bodies, CIE, EDEXCEL, AQA, OCR and WJEC. Almost all iGCSEs studied at InterHigh are Edexcel iGCSEs. Please note, there may be an overlap with other exam boards for some subjects, and others may have different topics/books that are studied. It is recommended to follow a course in full, from Year 10.

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For further information please contact the Exams Officer: [email protected] The Exam Officer will be able to offer you advice and provide you with the details of the closest exam centre to you.

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Some of our subjects require you to travel to the UK for Exams or Practical Exams, please visit the individual subject pages to locate this information:


IGCSEs Subjects (Key Stage 4)

For A Levels:

Sixth Form College

34 19

To see the exam boards for individual subjects, click on the individual subject tiles at the following link:

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Unofficial exams (including Mock Exams) will be sat at home, online. Students will be given a time limit to complete and submit the paper. 

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You will need to let your chosen exam centre know at the time you register that you will need access arrangements, as they will have their own policy on how to organise these. Students with dyslexia or a specific learning difficulty will need a ‘Form 8’ assessment by an educational psychologist or specialist assessor to determine how much extra time they should be allowed and what other accommodations may be needed. This must be dated within the last 2 years. Students with ASD, mental health or medical needs usually need evidence at a consultant level stating that they require access arrangements for exams, and again this should be dated within the last 2 years. InterHigh can also help by providing a statement about your usual way of working with us. The first step is to discuss with your chosen exam centre.

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Students taking UK- based A Levels with AQA, OCR and Edexcel (with the exception of International Sciences) should already be aware that the AS Levels for these subjects do not count towards the final A Level qualification. This has always been the case, regardless of the cancellation of exams this summer.

Students complete Cambridge International qualifications are usually able to ‘cash in’ their AS Level grade to contribute to their final A Level. However, due to the cancellation of exams in June 2020, the exam board stated that the AS Level grades received in June 2020 would not count towards A Levels in June 2021. Please check which scenario applies to you:

  • I received my AS Level grade in June 2020. This means I will only need to sit two A Level exams only in June 2021, but my entire A Level result will be awarded based on those two exams.
  • I am taking my AS exams in October/November 2020. This means I will only need to sit two A Level exams in June 2021, and I can ‘cash in’ my AS grade to contribute to my A Level next summer (assuming all exams go ahead this Autumn, and you are happy with your result).
  • I have not taken any AS exams so far and do not plan to take exams this Autumn. This means I will need to take all four exam papers (per subject) in June 2021 in order to achieve my A Level qualifications.
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Typically there are 2 papers per qualification e.g.

IGCSE Mathematics = 2 papers

AS level Mathematics = 2 papers

A2 Level papers = 2 papers

(AS Politics is one 3hr paper)

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You will have an opportunity to complete the Practical Endorsement with InterHigh.  We will be sending further guidance on this as the term progresses. This is usually done in the Easter holidays.

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To find a centre for International GCSEs please use the following link

To help you in your search for an exam centre, InterHigh has created a map of UK centres that we have worked with in the past, that we know are able to accept private candidates, please click here.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and your local schools may be able to accommodate you, these are the centres that InterHigh have used before.

For those students who need to sit their exams internationally, please use the centre finder below

To find a centre for AS and A Levels, please use the following links:

Cambridge Assessment International Examinations –

Edexcel – (Biology/Chemistry/Physics)

If you are searching for an Edexcel centre internationally, please use this link for Edexcel exams:

OCR (Classical Civilisation/Media Studies) UK only

AQA (German/Politics) UK only

Please note it is then your responsibility to register with the centre and to pay them directly. No centre will enter candidates unless fees have been paid.

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Although the deadlines are not until February/March 2021 it is a good idea to secure your place before the Winter Holidays in December, as centres can close their books at this time.

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The deadlines for June 2021 exam entry are typically in February; these are yet to be confirmed. The deadline for entries with the Interhigh Exams Centre is 29th January 2021.

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If the exams were to be cancelled again, we would need to wait for guidance from the exam boards. It is likely that we would see a similar situation to June 2020 with ‘centre-assessed grades’ for students.

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InterHigh will provide a list of exam centres where you could register to sit exams (both in the UK and Internationally). We are not able to register with an exam centre on your behalf. We will provide a list of the entry codes you need for your subjects. We recommend registering by December for exams next summer, as many exam centres begin to close their books at that time.

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Assessments and mock exams for all year groups occur during lesson time. All formal GCSE examinations occur at the end of year 11, and A level examinations at the end of year 13. For these exams our exams team will help arrange exams in a location close to the student (both in the UK and overseas). The student will be arranged as an external candidate, and all payments ad exam results will be arranged between the parent and the exam centre.

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Here at InterHigh we offer iGCSEs. Course content can differ to UK GCSEs. It is advisable to check prior to joining, for further information contact [email protected]. iGCSEs are fully exam based, so course work is not required. Please note that all but two of our subjects are iGCSEs; Film Studies and Psychology are GCSEs.

11 8

As soon as your child accesses their learning platform they will be able to view all previous course materials for the current academic year, assignments will also be visible – some tests and quizzes have a time limit so they are no longer accessible. Students joining now would be expected to catch up on missed work independently.

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Courses on the learning platform are laid out week by week for ease of understanding. You can find more details about KS4 content here:

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No, the drama course offered at InterHigh is an assured course and does not count towards an iGCSE/GCSE.  Currently it is not possible to offer this course as an IGCSE qualification, as it requires a live performance component and at present the exam boards will not accept an on-line substitute for this.

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The Photography course is an assured course and not part of an IGCSE, this is due to the requirements of the GCSE exams and the need to verify that all work is completed by the students on their own without any assistance.

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This is a UK GCSE examination course (not an iGCSE) and so students must be able to sit the final examination in a UK exam centre. 30% of the course can be a film extract for coursework. It is to be filmed by the candidate. It can also be a screenplay extract. There is 10% of evaluative analysis included in this. The remaining 70% is the study of film techniques and the contexts of film.

6 1

It is possible to join us for Year 11, however, as our IGCSE courses are two-year courses, we always recommend that students join us in Year 10, unless they have previously studied with the same exam boards (we use Edexcel). Different exam boards will teach different content, so there would be an element of catch-up work involved.

Students who join our classes at this stage will need to work independently to review where they have missed content and they will need to work on these aspects in order to ensure that they are fully prepared for their examinations. Students will have access to the lesson resources for Year 10 (PowerPoints etc, not recordings).

20 2

The majority of our IGCSEs follow Edexcel’s syllabus. You can find a subject’s exam board information on the subject pages.

Our Assured courses are not equivalent to IGCSE’s.

The assured courses are studied across two years and involve 120 hours of guided learning time. Successful completion of all units leads to the award of a course certificate and digital credential, endorsed by the City and Guilds Examination Board. Those completing less than the full course will be eligible for InterHigh Unit Certification for each unit of work that is completed.

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InterHigh is a non-selective school and sixth form, we do not ask for any grades or entry assessments prior to joining us.

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You will need to upload a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport and a proof of address, e.g. a copy of your utility bill or bank statement – please note, it must be dated within the last 3 months, unless it is a copy of your driving licence or council tax bill. The contract you will sign will be electronic, so there is no need to print it off and scan.

19 7

It is possible to access the learning materials already covered in the lessons earlier in the term. Students would need to plan to do this in and around their attendance at timetabled lessons.

9 2

We do have a few students who study at InterHigh and another school – this can be tricky to try to match up timetables. If you require more information, please email [email protected]. The admissions team will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances and attempt to reach a solution.

9 1

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Learners can join anytime, although they would be expected to make up some of the work that has been missed depending on the time of year and we strongly recommend speaking to our enquiries team for further recommendations.

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Yes, InterHigh has students from all over the world. Please note: most lessons are between 08:30 and 17:15 UK time.

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InterHigh starts from Year 4 (8 years of age) and educates students all the way through to Year 13. We accept students into Year 10 up to the age of 19, i.e. they can turn 19 during that academic year, but any student joining year 10 aged 18 or over will require a DBS check or equivalent . We can accept also students into Year 11 up to 20, i.e. they can turn 20 during that academic year but they will require a DBS check or equivalent if over 18. As for Sixth Form, we accept students up to the age of 24 in year 12 (or 25 in year 13). Any Sixth form students joining us aged 20 or over will require a DBS check or equivalent.

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We operate a rolling admissions policy meaning that we accept enrolment throughout the academic year.

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One of the many benefits of learning with InterHigh is the way it allows teachers to deliver tailored education to all learners. Traditional classrooms can be unpredictable in their nature, which is not the case with InterHigh’s online classrooms. In a mainstream school setting, students who miss lessons due to hospital or doctor’s appointments may find it difficult to catch-up, causing them to fall behind. Every lesson is recorded and stored in the lesson archive, enabling them to catch-up at any point. Plus, students can privately message their teacher at any time during or after lessons with queries, getting their questions answered without the fear of feeling embarrassed in front of their peers.

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At InterHigh we support and encourage socialising with other students through social events. The Student voice is important to us so we seek feedback from students regularly to make improvements and to help support them with the best experience that they can have. We also have opportunities for interactive and group work in classes and use breakout rooms for this purpose. All classes are recorded to ensure all students are safe at all times, and training is provided for use of social media.

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Online schooling with InterHigh includes a completely interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form. Using our specialised online learning platform, InterHigh is accessible to learners wherever they are in the world. We provide students with everything they would expect from a traditional schooling environment, plus a whole lot more.

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Unfortunately, we cannot provide the details of our students and parents without their consent. Please find our most recent pupil stories here:

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InterHigh is a non-selective school and sixth form, we do not ask for any grades / entry assessments prior to joining us, however it is important for the pupil to speak fluent English.

44 2

You won’t receive one automatically – we can however provide a written letter of registration stating that your child is enrolled at InterHigh – this request will need to be sent to [email protected].

11 4

Yes, however the timetable may not allow this without a lesson clash. Where there is a lesson clash the recorded lesson can be viewed at a later date.

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You will need to undertake your own investigations into whether home schooling is allowed in the country you are looking to work/live in. This would also apply to any comparison between the English education system and other education systems around the world. InterHigh staff are specialists in the English education system only.

15 8

The Department for Education has established the Online Education Accreditation Scheme. As part of this, it has adopted a set of minimum standards for online schools to meet. At InterHigh, we work closely to these standards, which are based on the legal expectations of independent schools. These standards reference English law regarding the definitions of full-time education and its quality, and expectations set in this country around education for students’ personal development, their welfare, health and safety, suitability of staff / proprietors, the provision of information, communications with families and leadership / management.

23 15

If joining InterHigh part way through the two year iGCSE courses it is recommended that you compare the exam specifications studied at InterHigh against those at the previous setting to check for similarities and differences. Please note that many of our iGCSE courses are Pearson Edexcel. The exam specifications for each subject can be found on this website: Where the subject is an AQA subject the exam specification can be found here: and Cambridge international:

5 5

Yes.  We would recommend that you compare the exam specifications studied at InterHigh against those at the previous setting to check for similarities and differences. Please speak to our enquiries team for further advice.

4 3

If you are interested in applying via your Local Education Authority, please contact our sister school, Academy21 at [email protected]

4 1

We do offer a Three Subject Package at Key Stage 3 and 4. Students can study a maximum of three subjects for £2700 per year. Please note, the Three Subject Package is an annual commitment.

18 2

Yes, please select a start date whilst completing the registration form. Please bear in mind that it usually takes up to two weeks to process the registration. 

3 1

Students who enrol into InterHigh need to be fluent in English reading, writing and speaking.

5 1

Students at InterHigh who have ADHA or who are on the Autistic spectrum have found it very useful to be able to review their live lessons via the recordings, because they feel like it reduces the pressure on them to “get it” right there and then in the live lesson. Also, students with ADHA who are not always able to stay for the whole duration of their lesson, find it very comforting to know that they will have the recordings to go back to. Having the recordings available to students after their live lessons have taken place, also allows them to take more thorough and well thought out notes about what they’ve learnt in that lesson.

9 0

We enrol new students into InterHigh constantly throughout the year, therefore, your child will only have their specific timetable once enrolment is complete. Unfortunately, we cannot provide their actual timetable before this, as we have to put students into the classes that have spaces available, and this can change weekly as and when we enrol new students. If you would like to make a change to your child’s timetable, you will need to email [email protected]. If a change is possible, it will be a minimum of one week before the change is actioned.

1 4

Students can enrol into a year group one year above/below their chronological age. If you want to enrol your child into a year group that is more than one year above/below their chronological age, please complete the Out of Year study form and send it to [email protected]. Our Admissions Panel will review the application and the parents informed of the decision.

8 1

If you are a current family and you refer someone to InterHigh you are eligible to receive a thank you credit (referral award) of up to £150 applied to your InterHigh account if the family enrols in an annual contract.

Ask the parents of the referred student to email [email protected] stating who referred them. We will then apply up to £150 per referral.

Award is at InterHigh’s discretion and may be withdrawn and altered from time to time. Award is capped at 50% of the fees paid in any one year.

0 0

InterHigh has a limited number of merit based scholarships available each year. Applicants must apply (or reapply) each year to be considered. To apply, send a letter (email [email protected]) addressed to the Head of InterHigh and include the following:

  • Name, year of study, programme, if you are seeking a full or partial scholarship
  • Reason why you deserve a scholarship (and how you will contribute and enhance the school community)

All letters and information will be held in confidence. Please allow one month response time.

2 0

Middle East

We suggest all pupils achieve five GCSEs (GCSE, IGCSE or an international equivalent) grade 5 or above including both GCSE English and Maths. In addition, students need to have attained a minimum grade 6 at GCSE in the subjects chosen. If a new subject not studied at GCSE then a minimum grade 6 in a similar subject as below:

  • Computer Science – maths grade 6.
  • Psychology – maths grade 6.
2 7

We accept monthly payments via direct debit or a payment for the full year upfront. A deposit of £1000 is required if paying monthly and this is returned at the end of the school year. If the student wishes to continue in to the next school year, the deposit is carried over until the student leaves. For more information, please click here.

4 8

We offer a sibling discount per additional student enrolled. The discounted amount is calculated depending on the time of the school year the additional sibling(s) join. This will be deducted from the total annual fees.

9 6

At InterHigh we offer international GCSEs. The course content can differ to GCSEs typically found in the UK. It is advisable to check prior to joining, for further information contact [email protected]. International GCSEs are fully exam based, so course work is not required.

9 5

A significant percentage of our students are from the Middle East region. To benefit these students, we offer a Middle East timetable operating at the local GST timezone. This means students attend InterHigh during normal school hours without starting late in the morning or running late in to the evening.

21 0

Yes, although we call it our Middle East offering, we are aware students that live further afield (such as Indonesia, Australia etc.) will also benefit from the timings of the timetable compared to our normal UK live lesson times.

9 0

Yes, our calendar and term dates can be found here.

6 8

Yes, we offer International GCSEs and A-Levels, which are accepted by Universities around the world. We always advise checking with the University beforehand, for peace of mind.

14 0

There are many exam centres in the Middle East. The majority of InterHigh families enter as private candidates with the British Council, but there are also a number of international schools where students can register to take their exams.

8 4


Full information on our safeguarding procedures can be found on the following page,

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Teaching and Learning

InterHigh has a flexible absence system, allowing parents to notify us via the parent portal, of any absences prior to them occurring. The student can then catch up with the recorded lesson at a time more suitable to them.

9 0

All lessons are live.  Classes are streamed live by specialist teachers to students at scheduled times. Students interact with the teacher either by microphone or in our live classroom chat. All lessons are recorded. You will have access to all the lesson resources for each class.

16 0

The majority of our teachers are UK based and we also have some a couple of international teachers. All our teachers are experienced and highly familiar with the UK curriculum and British education system.

9 0

Our education model focuses upon the use of live lessons supplemented by independent learning. We have two main types of live classes: Lead lessons are like lectures and can have large numbers of students attending. Then we have Follow lessons with on average 18 learners in KS2 classes, 19 in Key Stage 3 & 4, and 15 in KS5.

24 2

Certain subjects have additional support classes on a weekly basis, e.g. English (KS3 and 4 only), Maths and Science. The lesson recordings are invaluable for struggling students as they can pause and watch lessons again in their own time. Teachers can respond to email enquiries during school hours and we have a pastoral team who can help students with an Education, Health and Care Plan with study plans to catch up on work.

6 1

There are lots of tools that teachers can utilise to differentiate for example, breakout rooms and instant marking quizzes. Our expert and experienced online teachers utilise a range of teaching methods within their lessons. Our taster sessions are a great platform to experience these. You can sign up for our next free taster session here:

5 0

Details of assessment weeks can be found here >

2 0

Baseline assessments are completed at the start of each year, these give an indication of expected performance at IGCSE and can be used by teachers for target setting and monitoring the progress of students throughout the year.

10 3

On average it is one piece of homework per subject, per week but this is at the teachers discretion. Some subjects such as Maths/Geography/History, will include pieces of homework that are handwritten or drawn. This is dependent on what year group and key stage the pupil is in.

10 5

A pupil booklist is available on the parent portal. Once opened, the guardian will see there are books listed in red which are essential to buy, and then also books listed in black, which are optional to buy. Most parents buy the books from Amazon as it is the easiest method. The ISBN number for each book is provided in the booklist so that you can ensure you are getting the correct version of the book.

31 2

InterHigh makes it easy for parents to be involved with their child’s progress. Parents are provided with a Parent Portal through which they can see their child’s attendance and reports. They can also create an ‘Observer’ account on the Learning Platform to view feedback commentary from teachers on their child’s assignments. This information is also supplemented by frequent written feedback from all their teachers.

5 1

Our core offering of iGCSE courses and A-level subjects contain embedded transferable skills, that promote self-directed study and are widely accepted and sought-after by colleges, universities and employers all over the world. The experienced and highly qualified staff at InterHigh are on hand to guide learners through their personal statements, as well as everything else they need to submit a strong UCAS and Oxbridge application.

11 4

Depending on how many subjects are studied, lessons are generally two hours a week per subject i.e. three 40-minute lessons. So, if a learner is studying seven subjects, this would typically cover 4/5 lessons a day, including a tutor group and an optional exercise class. Pupils are taught using a two-prong format: each subject has a Lead Lesson and two Follow Lessons.

23 2

InterHigh adopt a flexible approach to learning. All lessons are recorded, learners who are unable to attend timetabled live lessons can easily catch up using our online lesson archive, accessible 24/7. Plus, if they have any questions, they can simply email teachers directly from their school email account.

12 1

Yes, our parents can directly email their child’s teachers if they have any specific questions/queries for them. You will be able to see your childs timetable on your parent portal dashboard. On there you will see the teachers names along with email options.

7 3

Please use the link below to show ages for relevant UK year groups. We recommend joining based on age. You will be able to contact teachers directly, in order for them to differentiate work set and provide necessary support in class, however, our system is flexible, so if you found your child was struggling/ finding the work too easy, it would be possible to move up/down a year.

8 1

Students will be with the same classmates weekly, so will naturally come to know each other. With parental consent, students (aged 13+) can also sign up to our social media platform, Yammer, where they can interact in a more relaxed setting. We also hold events throughout the academic year, based in the UK.

11 0

Before studying for IGCSEs in Year 10, our students study the English National Curriculum. There are no official certificates/qualifications given before Year 11. If you decided to leave us we can provide a letter of registration, stating at which level and for how long the student was studying with us and the student’s academic reports will be available via the Parent Portal.

15 0

Students are placed in their chronological age group unless a specific request is made for a different year group by a parent. Students sit a baseline assessment that currently takes place on two separate occasions (October and March). This assessment is to help teachers with grade predictions and does not have any bearing on classes. We welcome the submission of reports/scores from previous settings that can be saved on our management information system and shared with staff.

4 2

InterHigh offers a different way of learning to the traditional physical school, the online environment provided has large benefits for a learner with special educational needs. Students accessing their lessons from home, in an environment they are comfortable in and can control. We also provide firm and consistent boundaries for students who require this approach. There is no negative behaviour to interact with in an InterHigh classroom and any behaviour from the student does not impact on other learners or cause disciplinary issues for the student. The teacher can restrict student access to general chat, private chat, microphone access and indeed the classroom itself. Students are aware of these controls and therefore respond to these firm boundaries. The teacher can set questions via a Q&A pod with only the teacher seeing the responses and therefore students are not anxious in answering questions or giving opinions. InterHigh do currently offer support classes for English, Maths and Science at KS3 and 4 but these are drop-in sessions to help with current classwork and homework issues rather than special educational needs classes. InterHigh already has students with Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP’s) and Statements of Special Educational Needs (Wales) placed with us with funding provided by the Local Authority.

18 10

InterHigh issue end of year reports but not completion certificates that are common in some education systems/countries. Should this be needed a special request will need to be made via the admin team.

13 1

YES – Learners can email their class teacher or Senior Leader of Learning [SLOL]. Please note – teaching staff undertaking a full timetable may take longer to respond to email enquiries due to their teaching workload.

3 0

Attendance in lessons is highly recommended but there is the option to register as a library learner and use recordings of lessons to undertake your studies.

14 0

The system provides firm boundaries for students who require this approach. There is no negative behaviour to interact with in an InterHigh classroom and any negative behaviour does not impact on other learners or cause disciplinary issues for other students. The teacher can restrict student access to general chat, private chat, microphone access and indeed the classroom itself (a last resort). Students are aware of these controls and therefore respond to these firm boundaries.

20 3

We cannot provide further syllabus information beyond what is available on our website. If you have specific subject enquiries, please contact our enquiries team and they will pass these on to the relevant teachers. 

1 4

We do not offer any subjects at present that are taught in different languages besides English, as we follow a British curriculum and all lessons are in English. 

1 0

Apply sessions are scheduled on a student’s timetable to help structure their work on assignments set by their teachers.  This allows them to use their time outside class efficiently allowing students to manage their workloads effectively. In the apply sessions, there is always at least one member of staff who, although not a subject-specialist, is an experienced teacher who can help and advise students as and when needed.

9 0

Unfortunately, InterHigh is not able to offer extra support to students with learning difficulties. Our students do find it extremely helpful though to have the lesson recordings and lesson materials available to them 24/7.

1 0

InterHigh follow the English schooling system. This is completely different to the system used in Scotland.

3 0

You can find a copy of the 20/21 book list here.

5 15

We have previous taster session recordings and example lessons on the following page,

1 0


Our live online classes are held in Adobe Connect, which allows us to provide a virtual classroom environment for our students.

18 1

Yes, please complete a contact form to request the recording.

5 1

We recommend using a Windows based computer or laptop for students. Apple Macs can be used but ‘Office for Mac’ is required to work in the same file types. We do not support full functionality of smartphones and tablets. Visit for more information:

16 3

Students require Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to learn with InterHigh.

15 2

Parents can request that their child have a MIC exemption put in place for a certain subject(s). This will allow their child to attend the live lesson without having to participate. This can help take the pressure off the student if they suffer from anxiety. After the first/second half-term, the parent can review this, and let the teacher(s) know if they wish to have this option removed. Once the student is enrolled, the parent would email the teacher directly via their Parent Portal to request the MIC exemption.

5 0


Each subject has 2 hours of lessons per week – one lead lesson and two follow lessons each 40 minutes in length. For example, if your child is studying the core 7 subjects, typically they would attend 4 or 5 lessons a day, including a tutor group and an exercise class.

9 9

For our UK and Intentional timetable, lessons are scheduled between 08:30 and 17:15 (UK Time); There are also breaks and free periods throughout the day.

30 0

An InterHigh term is the same as standard independent school academic term, which is usually around 12 weeks. We closely follow the independent school calendar of 35 weeks, although some half-term breaks can be different:

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InterHigh appreciates that pupils may wish to request amendments to timetables to fit in with their personal circumstances. InterHigh will try its best to accommodate such requests but its decision in this respect is final. The pupil may make two requests to change the course selection and/or timetable each academic year after which an administration fee of £20 + VAT will apply. InterHigh reserves the right to amend the timetable if this is necessary for operational reasons beyond its reasonable control. If the pupil is V1.0 June 2020 Page 4 of 6 unable to continue with his or her chosen Courses due to a timetable change made by InterHigh you will be entitled to end this Agreement and receive a refund of any prepaid fees.

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