Enjoy online activities

Going to school online doesn’t mean going to school alone — at King’s InterHigh, students join a warm and welcoming community filled with clubs, events, ways to socialise, and opportunities to take charge.


Every student who joins us is assigned to one of our eight school Houses. These smaller, tight-knit communities bring students a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Plus, our inter-house competitions are a fun and friendly way for students to get engaged.

Clubs and societies

We offer dozens of clubs and societies for students across all year groups, representing a vast range of interests. From chess to technology to sculpting to debate, there’s a club to suit every learner.

'Viva Engage' social platform

A King’s InterHigh friendship is a bond for life. Students aged 13 and over can chat with their close friends and meet new people at any time on Viva Engage, our social media platform.

Restricted solely to students from our school, Viva Engage is safe, secure, and monitored to ensure a positive environment.

Assemblies and common rooms

Assemblies and common rooms are some of the ways we bring students together to interact, collaborate, and learn something new.

Hosted by teachers, weekly interactive common rooms are packed with activities like talent shows, music, and reading clubs. In assemblies, meanwhile, students can listen to guest talks, celebrate student work, and more.

Events and showcases

Events, showcases, and competitions of all kinds — there’s always an upcoming occasion to look forward to.

Some events, like our Arts Festival, are specific to King’s InterHigh. Others, like the International Robotics Competition, bring students together across all Inspired schools worldwide.

Student initiatives

Student leadership experiences are an important part of school life, giving learners room to build confidence, communication skills, and their own unique identities. Alongside our teacher and school-led activities, students can take part in a variety of self-driven initiatives.

Student Council

The Student Council gives our young people the opportunity to be ambassadors, innovators, role models, and agents of change. Students elect their own Year Group and Tutor Group Representatives as well as Head Students, making their voices heard.

King's Chronicle

Written, designed, and created by our students, the King’s Chronicle school magazine is packed with interesting articles, fun features, school competitions, and impressive photography and design.

Student Blogs

Students, both past and present, regularly contribute to our school’s blog. Some share study tips and life advice, while others give an insight into their unique lifestyle and passions.

Meet classmates in person

Alongside our online activities, students can meet their friends in person with a variety of offline events and opportunities throughout the year.

Summer camps

Open to students across all Inspired schools, these summer camps host students at stunning Inspired campuses across the world.

Camps are themed around a variety of interests and passions, including adventure sports, fashion, football, and tennis.

Discover the camps

Exchange programmes

The Inspired Global Exchange Programme offers a range of exchange opportunities, lasting from one week to a full academic year.

Joining in with student life at one of our fellow Inspired schools, learners who opt for this programme can dive into another culture and language, creating lifelong memories.

Global meetups

Throughout the year, King’s InterHigh families regularly get together and meet up with fellow students in their city or country.

Alongside giving learners and opportunity to see their online classmates, these informal events are a chance for parents and guardians to get to know each other.

School trips

From Geography excursions to science practical exams at our fellow Inspired schools, learners can also meet their classmates on educational school trips.

How we teach

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