Choose your contract type

Annual Contract

Join for the remainder of the academic year, with a contract that can be terminated with one term’s notice. Choose from the option to pay in an up-front lump sum payment or split in equal monthly instalments over the academic year (a deposit will be required for this option).

  • Most cost effective: save up to 42%
  • Secure your child’s place for the year
  • Option to pay in monthly instalments

Half Term

A rolling contract which gives you the flexibility to give notice at any point during the half term you have paid for. Prices are calculated per half term period, with 6 in total per academic year. No deposit is required for rolling contracts.

  • Cancel at the end of a half term
  • Pay each half term
  • Not available for IB Diploma

Frequently Asked Questions

Our tuition costs cover lessons and access to online materials during your time with us. Fees are based on the year group and core subjects plus additional extra subjects if selected. This includes student and parent access to the portals and all online activities. Some extracurricular activities and clubs have an additional fee as do social events, trips and camps. Students may wish to purchase optional books from a recommended list provided by the school. Examination centre costs are not included in our tuition.

There is a Registration Fee of £100 per child payable upon submission of the Registration Form. If you have opted for monthly payments, when a place is accepted, a deposit of £500 is payable to King’s InterHigh. For students who reside outside of the UK, the deposit is £1000.

InterHigh can help to find a local centre. It is then down to the individual to register with the centre of choice and pay the exam fees to the centre directly. As each exam centre sets their own fees, we cannot provide accurate pricing, however as an example, you can see our own fees by clicking here.

Notice of withdrawal needs to be given by email to [email protected]. Notification by any other means, including telephone is not valid.

Annual Contract

Withdrawal at the end of an academic year
If you do not wish for the student to continue to the next academic year you can withdraw the student and terminate this Agreement with effect from the end of the last day of the summer term (Term 3) of the academic year by providing at least one half term’s notice. This means that we must receive your notice before the first day of the second half of the Summer Term (Term 3). If notice is not received by this date you will become immediately liable to pay the fees for the first term of the following academic year less the balance of your deposit after deduction of any sums due and owing to Kings InterHigh.

Withdrawal at the end of Autumn or Spring Term
If you wish to withdraw the student at the end the Autumn (Term 1) or Spring term (Term 2) and terminate this Agreement you must do so by providing Kings InterHigh with at least one full term’s notice (for example, if you wish to withdraw at the end of the Autumn term (Term 1) we must receive your notice no later than day before the start of the Autumn term (Term 1)). If we receive notice before the first day of the term you will receive a refund of your deposit less any sums due and owing to Kings InterHigh. If we do not receive at least a term’s notice you will become immediately liable to pay fees for the next term less the balance of your deposit after deduction of any sums due and owing to Kings InterHigh.

Rolling Contract

You can terminate this agreement with effect from the last day or any half term during the contract term by providing notice on or before the last teaching day.

For the avoidance of doubt, if notice is not provided by the last day of scheduled lessons for the school in any half term, then the pupil will be deemed to be continuing for the following half term period.

Looking to join partway through the school year?

Students join our community at anytime through the school year and can be learning within just two days. Speak to our admissions team to find out more.