Story/Interview August 19, 2022

Rauf Jabbarov | LUISS University student

By King's InterHigh

Achieving three A*s in his A Levels is incredible, but it's not all Rauf has done since joining us — flexible schooling has even allowed him to launch his own social efforts, which he aims to continue after studying at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, Italy. Here's Rauf's story.

During the time I was at Kings InterHigh, I was able to achieve what I never dreamed of...

Rauf Jabbarov

LUISS University student

My time at King’s InterHigh

 Why did you join King's InterHigh, and what has your learning journey with us meant to you?

My path to King’s InterHigh began in February 2021. I started studying at this school because I wanted to study abroad without a foundational year, and I managed to achieve the first-class task.

Still, during the time I was at Kings InterHigh, I was able to achieve what I never dreamed of. For example, thanks to a flexible schedule and online classes, I was able to open tutoring courses for low-income families and become the head of the volunteer movement in one of the largest charitable organizations in the world.

And all this happened thanks to my beloved King’s InterHigh, since it expanded the boundaries of my knowledge and improved my communication and negotiation skills!

 What are your dreams for the future?

I have many dreams; of course, the most important task now is to start studying at the university and successfully finish it.

But there is something else that I would really like to realise: namely equal education for all children on this planet, because they do not choose the family in which they will be born and live.

I think that education is a huge boost that will help you get out into the world and realise all your dreams and goals, and for me, a huge boost was King’s InterHigh. There is nowhere in this world without education!

 What's something you've learned with us that's really helped you personally?

It seems to me that Kings InterHigh helped me a lot in the formation of my thinking and everyday life. Thanks to InterHigh, I was able to combine a lot of activities, projects, and three A levels.

And all this is due to the fact that from the first day at school, they explain to us how to build our schedule correctly. And in the end, this led me to such an excellent result of three A*s in my A Levels!

By King's InterHigh

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