Story/Interview August 23, 2022

Namaste Bello | helping others with psychology

By King's InterHigh

Graduating with grades AAB in French, Spanish and History, Namaste hopes to study psychology, criminology or diplomacy at university one day. She’s also passionate about travel and learning languages.

I met colourful people, which made my experience so much nicer...

Namaste Bello

helping others with psychology

My time at King’s InterHigh

 Why did you join King’s InterHigh, and what has your learning journey with us meant to you?

I joined right after COVID started, in 2020. No other schools were prepared to study online. My parents thought it was best for me to join an online school, and I ended up liking King’s InterHigh. I met colourful people, which made my experience so much nicer. It’s great to have friends all over the world and learn about other cultures.

 What are your dreams for the future?

I know want to go to university and study psychology, criminology or diplomacy. I’ve always liked psychology as a way of helping people. My parents have had lots of friends who’re diplomats. People who study diplomacy know lots about culture and history, which is something I like.

I also want to travel. I want to go to different places and learn more languages. I’d like to go to Kenya because they have good psychology programmes, so I could go there for a couple of months and volunteer. And I want to continue learning German and go to Germany or Switzerland. I want to visit Japan, too.

By King's InterHigh

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