Story/Interview August 29, 2017


By King's InterHigh

Nada wanted affordable tuition

"Despite never physically seeing or meeting my teachers at King's Interhigh, I have grown to love and respect them. Their teaching, encouragement and support have impacted me significantly"

In June 2013, I had just moved along with my family, from Qatar to Tunisia. In Qatar, I went to an English school which taught the British Curriculum. I was halfway through my IGCSES so it was a rather difficult transition.

After moving to Tunisia, we were shocked at the lack of affordable Private schools which taught English. All were either French or Arabic and this was extremely troublesome keeping in mind I had spent my whole life going to school with English as the main language of my education. The only English schools available in Tunis taught either the American or Canadian systems and were extremely far and expensive.

We needed a school which was not only affordable, but provided high-quality education, wasn’t too far, and taught the British System. After all, I couldn’t possibly just throw away all the things I had learnt and suddenly become fluent in French to go to a normal Tunisian school. That was when we found King’s InterHigh. Not only did it meet our requirements perfectly, it acted as an incredible platform which allowed me to comfortably learn and reach my educational potential without the pressure and trouble of having to carry a heavy backpack and sitting in a classroom for more than 6 hours.

Preparing for a better future…

Since then, four wonderful years have passed. I am currently in my last year and I have about 6 months before I go to University in Turkey. During my stay at King’s Interhigh, I had the chance to travel and go out quite a number of times. This could not have been possible without flexibility and portability of my school, which did not require me to physically remain in one spot. This has significantly impacted my social skills and independence as now I am not afraid of travelling to a foreign country alone to study for example.

Despite never physically seeing or meeting my teachers at King’s Interhigh, I have grown to love and respect them. Their teaching, encouragement and support have impacted me significantly. My Media Studies teacher Lisa, for example, has been a mother figure for me. She helped build my confidence with her words and she even sent my media coursework to the Zoom International Film Festival in 2016! It is thanks to her encouragement that I have decided to choose a media major at University. Likewise, my Literature teacher Marilyn aided me in overcoming my anxiety and as a result, I have become a lot more active in my work and participation. I am no longer shy to state my opinions.

By King's InterHigh

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