Story/Interview August 29, 2019

Muna Ajadi | Bilal Ibrahim's Mum

By King's InterHigh

Mother of eight, six of Muna’s children have so far joined King's InterHigh. Read her King's InterHigh story below.

"I have been recommending King's InterHigh to friends for the past eight years. As a parent of eight children, King's InterHigh have provided my family with an invaluable service."

Muna Ajadi

Bilal Ibrahim's Mum

 What are your experiences with King's InterHigh?

Six of my children have been using King’s InterHigh over the past eight years, covering years 7-11. Most recently, my son Yusuf is currently at King’s InterHigh and will be entering year 10 in September 2019.

 Can you tell us about your child’s educational experiences before joining King's InterHigh?

Yusuf was previously home-schooled before joining King’s InterHigh.

 What made you decide to make the change to King's InterHigh?

It was important to me that Yusuf could start learning more subjects and become more academically oriented as he was beginning Key Stage 3. Up to that point, he has had an eclectic home education.

 How is studying at King's InterHigh different for you and your family?

Overall, King’s InterHigh provided my family with a structured yet simultaneously flexible approach to learning. We felt confident knowing that our children were receiving UK standard education from qualified secondary school teachers at a reasonable price. To receive a similar education in the UAE at a brick and mortar school would have cost a fortune!

 What effect did King's InterHigh have on you and your family?

King’s InterHigh provided us with the comfort we needed, knowing that our children were being adequately prepared for the British International exams at Year 11, which allowed them to get into University Foundation courses in the UAE.

 Did you know much about online schooling prior to King's InterHigh? 

I knew a little about online schooling before my children first joined King’s InterHigh eight years ago, but I did know about distance learning schools that had some online presence or online learning involving pre-recorded videos.

 How did you find out about King's InterHigh?

When I researched online schools, King’s InterHigh immediately stood out as it provided LIVE classes. This was a pioneering concept at the time and was the most important thing to me as I knew my children would be more interested in real-time lessons.

Plus, as British expats living near Dubai, I was seeking a British education for my children compared to the abundance of American options that were available.

 One of the concerns or misconceptions about online schooling is that children miss out on sport, social interaction and social development. Is this something you were concerned about? And what has your experience been in relation to King's InterHigh?

I was not concerned about the social aspect. Due to the time difference between the UK and the UAE, my children had time to attend morning classes in a part-time school before they came home at lunchtime to log on to King’s InterHigh.

After King’s InterHigh classes finished, my children also had time to attend a football club, park activities and interact with the various home-school group activities. Additionally, my children made friends with their classmates at King’s InterHigh.

 Has the quality of education available through King's InterHigh surprised you and in what way?

I was surprised by the group work that was able to take place and by the leadership qualities my children developed as a result. I was also surprised by the independence and confidence my children have developed through King’s InterHigh. The online platform has certainly given them an edge over children who have been in traditional schools.

I am also pleasantly surprised at the continuous improvement of the school over the years, in terms of assessment and subject provision.

 You can study at King's InterHigh wherever there’s an internet connection, where are the most unusual places your child has had a live lesson? 

We had to travel to the United States a few years ago for my husband’s travel, so my children’s classes were sometimes at 3am in a hotel room in Houston, Texas. Additionally, my children have also had to take classes in a mall in Dubai.

 What has been the best feature of King's InterHigh for you as a parent? 

Quality, flexible British education accessible internationally at affordable prices! Need I say more?!

 At King's InterHigh, parents can monitor their child’s progress on a daily basis and don’t have to wait until a parents evening. Is this a feature you use? And how useful do you find it and why? 

I don’t use it as often as I would like but I am grateful for its existence. The knowledge that I can check on my children’s education at any time gives me greater reassurance that I have chosen the right school.

 Would you recommend King's InterHigh to other parents? If so, why?

Yes definitely. I have been recommending King’s InterHigh to friends for the past eight years. As a parent of eight children, King’s InterHigh has provided my family with an invaluable service. Knowing that my older children were receiving quality British education gave me the peace of mind to focus on planning and teaching my younger children.

Now, four of my children have graduated from King’s InterHigh and have successfully gone on to study at British Universities (Goldsmith’s College, London and Heriot Watt University). I can safely say that King’s InterHigh provided them with the skills they needed to succeed academically.

 What advice would you give to parents considering King's InterHigh as an option for their child?

Speak to other parents whose children have attended/are attending King’s InterHigh and ask them their views and get the views of the students too, if possible. Ask King’s InterHigh any questions you may have or mention any concern. I have found that generally over the years, King’s InterHigh have had a good customer service and have been good at answering questions within a short space of time.

We also recently attended our eldest son’s graduation ceremony. Bilal was an King’s InterHigh student and has gone on to graduate from Heriot Watt University with a First-Class Honours Degree in Electronic Engineering.

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