Story/Interview February 6, 2019

Matthew Ramsden | Entrepreneur

By King's InterHigh

Matthew Ramsden runs his own business. He studied at King's InterHigh after being bullied at mainstream school. Studying at King's InterHigh helped him to regain his confidence and develop new skills.

King's InterHigh was quite possibly the best experience I could’ve asked for in high school. The school made my life more consolidated, helped me to become more independent and due to its flexible timetable, allowed me to be more capable to undertake more complex tasks.

Matthew Ramsden


 Please tell us about your experiences at King's InterHigh.

King’s InterHigh was quite possibly the best experience I could’ve asked for in high school. The school made my life more consolidated, helped me to become more independent and due to its flexible timetable, allowed me to be more capable to undertake more complex tasks. The staff at King’s InterHigh were absolutely amazing, head office to teaching staff. I remember my first day, using some of the older software (before the days of Adobe Connect), students were all friendly and I enjoyed the lesson content. King’s InterHigh allowed me to dream big, and its international connections and the friendships I have made have become imperative to marketing my new business.

I remember many of the lecturers, including Cerian in Science, who was, quite possibly the best science teacher I could’ve wanted – I’ve never been that talented at science, but I feel I achieved more under her than I could have otherwise.

King’s InterHigh was the best solution I wanted, it pushed me to my limits to help untap the potential which a conventional school could not do.

 Can you tell us about your education experiences before joining King's InterHigh?

Prior to King’s InterHigh, I was studying at a local ‘bricks and mortar’ high school where I was badly bullied from the start of the year there. Since the high school were so bad at actually following anti-bullying policies, I left because I couldn’t cope anymore. I left just after Christmas.

The style of learning was too complex, did not give me the support that I needed to fully unlock my potential. Staff were too disengaged, believed that Facebook was more important than students! The skills I had developed were little-to-none, were never working on anything that would help us succeed in future life.

 Why did you decide to join King's InterHigh? And how has studying at King's InterHigh improved things?

I joined King’s InterHigh because it was a different solution, something that had revolutionised home education. Reviews on those parent forums were good, so it was agreed that I would sign up with King’s InterHigh. I’m really glad I did, because people were really welcoming and allowed me to make connections with others that I never thought possible. My grades improved dramatically, I became happier within myself. Because of the flexibility I had, I became fitter and was looking after family pets throughout the day, walking them during the afternoon.

Unfortunately, during my time at King’s InterHigh, I developed an undiagnosed joint issue which I have to treat with strong painkillers which easily made me disorientated. Staff were so understanding of this and really wanted to help, offering to send me the work to complete in my own time to allow me to put my health first. Even when I was badly suffering, I was still supported and aided with my work and I cannot have enough gratitude for the staff for putting up with me during that time.

King’s InterHigh improved me in myself, made me develop new skills including leadership, integrity and confidence to manage my life, as well as giving me the lifestyle to truly harness these skills.

 From your experience, can you talk us through a typical day at King's InterHigh?

A typical day never really existed, every day had something different going on with students. With the educational side, you logged in and was able to communicate and greet classmates and the lecturer before commencing a lesson, to which you had to take notes and complete work, as well as do group participation (I admit, I don’t do too well with group participation, but I could do this!). After a lesson, I could review my notes or access the 24/7 lesson archive to review the work or lesson content. This enabled me to reinforce my knowledge and notes, particularly on the run up to the exams.

 How does it differ from a traditional mainstream school?

You can see a clear differentiation to a regular secondary school, you can see it because classes aren’t loud or disruptive, you’re able to focus and consolidate knowledge. King’s Interhigh is shorter in time, but this really doesn’t impact on the quality of what you learn. It allows you to develop those skills that you can use in later life, as mentioned.

 How has King's InterHigh made a difference to your life?

It has granted me the key leadership and management skills for both my business (thank you Business Studies!) and my A Level programme here. The qualifications I got were better than I would’ve got in a conventional high school, and because they’re international I can use them anywhere.

 Why should people who may be going through similar experiences to you, consider King's InterHigh?

I became a person in a state of despair to a person who has been able to use his skills to maximise efficiency. I couldn’t write an essay when I started and now I write around 4 a week (which grade well). People who are being bullied, there is a solution for you. If you can, move to King’s InterHigh. The people are amazing, the lesson content is brilliant and access to the facilities they have is something you will find so helpful.

 Any tips for potential and existing King's InterHigh students of how to get the most out of their time at King's InterHigh?

That lesson archive, people. I miss it today, I won’t lie – I wish I had it for college. The archive was a brilliant use, particularly to watch back and consolidate knowledge. Just make the best of your time whilst you’re there, you won’t get it back and it is the best experience you could want.

 On reflection what’s your favourite thing about King's InterHigh?

The teaching style, how it’s quiet and uninterrupted and not disrupted. The access to the archive was brilliant as well. I would highly recommend King’s InterHigh and cannot sing their praises enough. I implore everyone considering to just try it out, you never know if it works until you try and I think it will.

By King's InterHigh

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