Story/Interview April 20, 2020

Maleeka Abbas | Blogger

By King's InterHigh

Maleeka Abbas is a keen blogger and loves how King's InterHigh gives her the freedom and flexibility to be embrace her creativity.

King's InterHigh is THE BEST choice for someone who desires the freedom to learn dynamically. It is flexible, modern and always open to suggestions.

Maleeka Abbas


 What were your educational experiences before joining King's InterHigh?

Before joining King’s InterHigh, I attended both Primary and Secondary school, although I left Secondary school during the first week of year nine. As a VIP (Visually Impaired Person), I have always had to have a QTVI (Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment) by my side at all times – I’m sure they rather enjoyed playing never-ending rounds of ‘Follow the Leader’!

Mainstream school had always been the place where I felt trapped. It didn’t feel like anyone really acknowledged the ability of someone who is outwardly different. I found many people doubted me because of my age or my challenge – I really dislike the word ‘disability’.
I felt accused of being a school-hater and an attention craving teenager, but I really am no such thing. In fact, most of these common claims counter my personal outlook on life/beliefs – especially the one about me hating school.

I’ve always felt that my experiences in previous education follow the same pattern of feeling ignored and our issues forgotten.

 How does learning with King's InterHigh compare to mainstream schooling?

It’s a polar opposite! There is a major, off the scale, measurable difference between King’s InterHigh and mainstream schooling. As I said earlier, I felt trapped in a traditional school and felt like I couldn’t be creative.

King’s InterHigh, however, is one of, no, THE BEST choice for someone who desires the freedom to learn dynamically. It is flexible, modern and always open to suggestions.

 Does the style of learning at King's InterHigh better suit your lifestyle?

Yes! My life revolves around my blog ( so I often need to write, travel or record something. My blog is my creative space to share my unique perspective of the world and increase awareness around Visually Impaired Persons (VIP’s).

The projects I have the opportunity to participate in are so exciting and allow my ideas to come into existence.

With the incredible King’s InterHigh, I don’t need to wait for when school ends to start my creative tangent. I can just do whatever I want in between lessons.

 What do you get up to outside of learning with King's InterHigh?

I have made quite a few friends on Yammer and King’s InterHigh’s learning platform! People here are so mature, intelligent and compassionate, I feel right at home.

 Do you have any tips for potential and existing King's InterHigh students on how to get the most out of their time at King's InterHigh?

I have a list! My top tips for King’s InterHigh students, are:

1. Be confident in lessons.
2. No one is going to judge you.
3. Embrace your education, don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be anxious about sharing your accomplishments.
4. Oh, and please don’t spam the chat during lessons!

King’s InterHigh’s goal is to help all students. Your education is, and always should be, in your hands (I’m speaking from personal experience here).

 For you, what are the best features of King's InterHigh?

King’s InterHigh removes all the unnecessary, petty problems. There’s only room for life lessons and creative kids here! Naturally, all other benefits fall under this main benefit. From 24-hour access to the flexibility, King’s InterHigh really is the way to go.

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