Story/Interview October 21, 2021

Ben Larg

By King's InterHigh

I was able to focus on my passion surfing, King's InterHigh has made me feel happier and safer. I went to local state school and I struggled because I was bullied. Learning at King's InterHigh gives me flexibility that I never had before, I can go to competitions and not worry about missing work.

"I can be anywhere in the world, but the constant is my school – my parents have always wanted me to achieve my potential and with KIH I can."

Ben Larg

King's Interhigh Student

 How are you finding learning with King's InterHigh?

All the students in my classes are friendly and positive, the teachers are interesting, and I am enjoying learning again.

I can be anywhere with my surfing – training or competing for Scotland and not have to worry that I am missing my education (my parents worry), I can watch my lessons anywhere thanks to the internet and if I am competing I can rewatch the lesson recording.

I can be my own person – I have freedom to focus on my passions.

 Do you have any tips for potential and existing King's InterHigh students of how to get the most out of their time at King's InterHigh?

If you are struggling always reach out to your teacher, rewatch the lessons and know; that you are not alone but part of a huge online community that only wants the best for you, oh and be organised

By King's InterHigh

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