Story/Interview September 21, 2021

Ben Faux

By King's InterHigh

The most exciting thing for me at King's InterHigh is having students that are based all over the world that I teach simultaneously.

 What are your professional qualifications/accreditations?

I studied for a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design before completing a BA (Hons) in Photography in the Arts with modules in Fine Art and Illustration. I also have a Postgraduate Certificate of Education Secondary Art & Design.

 Why did you decide to go into teaching?

I decided to become a teacher after many years working with young people as a residential social worker. I realised that my personal background in art could be very transferable. One summer I created a workshop in art and photography and was lucky enough to receive funding to launch my workshop and test myself as a teacher. Later I worked in Vietnam with street children at a centre in Ho Chi Minh City called the 15th of May school. I loved the experience so much I decided to become a teacher.

 What is it that you love about teaching?

I love the way in education we build relationships with young people to help them reach their goals and their aspirations. I find it rewarding to find out that so many past students have gone on to be successful in their adult lives. I particularly like the varied way in which we interact with students to motivate and bring out the very best in them.

 What was your teaching experience before joining King's InterHigh?

I’ve spent many years working in international schools all over the world and around half of my career in the UK.

 What inspired you to make the change to teaching at an online school?

I realise that online schools have many benefits and in my subject area I notice that students can focus on practical outcomes. This improves the student’s technical ability. Students can follow my demonstrations with much less distraction. I think online teaching has a place in the future so the skills that I’ve developed will hold me in good stead for the future.

 How is teaching with King's InterHigh different to teaching at a bricks and mortar school?

At King’s InterHigh my interactions with students are very different. I spend much less time on helping students move around the school building, where to put their bags, how to line up nicely outside a classroom, instead I spend a lot more time communicating directly with individual students. This allows me to spend more time on academic detail and practical demonstrations.

 What is the best feature of King's InterHigh for you as a teacher?

Currently the most exciting thing for me at King’s InterHigh is having students that are based all over the world that I teach simultaneously.

 How does the King's InterHigh online platform enrich lessons for both you and the students?

As a new teacher I’m not entirely familiar with the platform yet but I can see that it has massive potential, and that students planning is rigorous. I think it is so beneficial that students can go back and rewatch their lessons.

 Do you take part in any activities outside of the classroom?

My favourite thing to do outside of the classroom is plan my next adventure. During lockdown I haven’t been able to go abroad but I’ve enjoyed walking in the Welsh mountains, and I live in Mid Devon, so I often go walking with my dog on Dartmoor.

By King's InterHigh

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