Why study GCSEs online?

With a wide range of GCSE subject choices available for Secondary and International GCSEs, live lessons are brought to life through interactive technology.

Studying online with King’s InterHigh is flexible, revolves around your lifestyle and is also key to promoting independent learning and further enquiry. We strive to have the best online GCSE courses, led by experienced teachers.

International GCSEs are recognised around the world and by top universities and employers. Explore our subjects

About GCSE online courses UK

All core International GCSE subjects follow the exam board Edexcel. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry.

GCSEs and International GCSEs are followed by thousands of schools in the UK and internationally and are recognised around the world. These qualifications develop transferable skills that are sought-after by top universities and employers.

Studying online with King’s InterHigh means you get the same qualifications as students attending in-person schools, but with the added benefits and flexibility that come with online learning. We offer a core of 7 International GCSE courses online at Key Stage 4.

Online GCSE resources and social activities

Studying GCSE Maths, GCSE Science and GCSE English with our online school means 24/7 access to school resources and the ability to go back to lessons at any point during the year. Students can catch up on lessons, revisit complex topics and access resources at any time.

King’s InterHigh has many ways for students to socialise online and outside of lesson time. We have clubs and house competitions and our own social network for students to socialise in a safe space. We hold in-person trips, events and even a Summer Ball!

How we teach

King’s InterHigh uses an online learning platform and lesson library for delivery and 24/7 access to subject materials. Classes are timetabled and lessons are taught live by qualified UK teachers trained in online teaching and learning.

All lessons are recorded. Depending on the subject and age of student, subjects may include a “lead” lesson (seminar) and an “explore” lesson (tutorial of up to 20 students). Students apply the knowledge they have learned through “apply” or homework assignments and are assessed regularly through summative and formative assessments. Teachers use online break out rooms, chats, polls, quizzes as well as virtual simulations to encourage student interaction and foster engagement and understanding with the topic being discussed.

Steps to selecting your GCSE subject package

Our King’s InterHigh package comes standard with a minimum of 7 subjects at a set price. Explore all of our subject choices here.


3 Subjects

Core subjects

All students will study: GCSE Maths, GCSE English Literature and GCSE English Language. Courses are included as core subjects and cannot be switched.


Choose 1 subject

Core science option

Pupils then select one science to study, from a choice of Biology, Chemistry or Physics. It is possible to add more sciences at a later stage if pupils would like to study more than one.


Choose 1 subject

Core humanities option

Pupils then select one humanity subject, from a choice of Geography or History. It is possible to add the second humanity at the next step, if pupils would like to study both.


Choose 2 subjects

Two additional options

At this point, a pupil will have selected 5 out of the 7 subjects included in the standard price of their core package. The remaining 2 subjects can be selected from our full subject offering, including sciences, humanities, additional and assured subjects.


Assured and additional subjects

It is possible to study more than 7 GCSE subjects with King’s InterHigh. Any additional subjects will be charged at an additional fee, per subject, per year.

Looking for help choosing subjects? Contact our team

Depending on the subjects chosen, timetable clashes may occur. If this does happen, students can opt for recordings instead of live lessons. Please speak to our admissions team if you would like to find out more about selecting your subjects, or if you’re looking for guidance on subject selection or progression pathways.

Contact us

Core subjects

Science and Humanities options

Additional subject options

Assured subjects

Please be aware, Assured Subjects are not full IGCSE qualifications and therefore they would not count as IGCSE equivalents on a college or university application. However, they can complement pupils’ studies, exploring a particular interest or helping to develop an art or photography portfolio.

Attend our next online open event

Register for our next online open event to meet teachers, parents and pupils. Open events are hosted by King’s InterHigh’s expert staff and teachers. Through the course of the event, we discuss the curriculum, demonstrate how live lessons work and explore the learning platform.