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Music in culture and society online course

City & Guilds assured programme

This course is suitable for learners aged 14 years and above. The music in culture and society course will allow students to develop pre-requisite knowledge and skills helpful for level 3 music qualifications or a career in the music industry. Skills are learnt with respect to the performance and composition of music but there is also a focus on the social importance of music and the manifestation of music within culture.

An assumption is made that students will have a basic proficiency in the playing and reading of music as neither of these skills are actively taught within the lessons.

The assured courses are studied across two years and were developed by King’ InterHigh. The learner will need to complete two modules in year 10 and two modules in year 11. The certificate consists of 4 mandatory modules. The learner must PASS all four modules to receive the full assured course certificate and digital credential, endorsed by City and Guilds. Assessment is entirely through coursework and is made on a pass/fail basis. The full assured course certificates will be issued to any eligible students by the end of the summer term in year 11.

Each module is assessed independently, and the mode of assessment will be made clear to students at the start of the module. Assessment will be decided firstly by the teacher and then will be verified by a second internal assessor from King’s InterHigh. Each candidate is required to demonstrate achievement of all learning outcomes and fulfil the assessment criteria of the module.

  1. Instrumental Music from 1600 to now – This module is designed to give the students an understanding of Western Music History from the Baroque period to current musical trends and practices. Students will explore through performance, composition, and listening tasks how the western musical tradition evolved and developed.
  2. Vocal Music from 1600 to now – Building on from Module 1 students will further delve into the intricacies of the western tonal tradition and how vocal music has developed. From the beginnings of Opera to musical theatre and contemporary vocal techniques students will gain an insight into how performers and composers have utilised the voice.
  3. Music for Screen and Stage – Focusing on the 20th and 21st-century phenomena and popularisation of music within the popular cultures of screen and stage, students will gain a further understanding of how music functions as an abstract art form.
  4. World Music – In this final module, students will gain an insight into global musical traditions including influences and fusions between cultures across the world. Students will have the opportunity to form musical links and to place their own musical backgrounds and experiences within a wider global context.

This assured course is studied across two years and involves 120 hours of guided learning time. Successful completion of all units leads to the award of a course certificate and digital credential. Those completing less than the full course will be eligible for King’s InterHigh unit certification for each unit of work completed.

To pass each module, the learner needs to have enough work submitted to demonstrate passing grades in each Assessment Objective (AOs) shown on the assessment rubric and gain ≥6/12 overall.

  • Students need more than 50% (≥6/12) in each module to pass that module.
  • Students must gain at least 1 point for each Assessment Objective (AO).
  • Zero points (N) in any AO will fail that module even if the student has gained ≥6/12 overall.

If the learner has not passed all four modules, they should still be eligible to receive an King’s InterHigh certificate, stating which modules they completed successfully. It will not be the full assured course certificate.

Any King’s InterHigh certificates (that detail modules passed) will be issued to any eligible students by the end of the summer term.

If the learner wishes to gain the full assured course certificate, then they will need to work independently and in their own time to work on missing modules. The teacher will not be able to support students after the end of module 4. During module 4, the teacher will need to be focused on students working towards module 4.

Assessment is entirely through coursework and is made on a pass/fail basis.

  • Musical composition and performance: the creative process
  • The Music industry
  • Music, culture and society
  • Music instrument design and development
This is an Assured Course

Assured subjects are an opportunity to follow passions, develop practical understanding, and build a portfolio for the future. Assured subject qualifications are awarded by the City & Guilds body, but these courses are not IGCSE or GCSE qualifications.

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