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7 fascinating subjects to study alongside online GCSEs at King’s InterHigh 

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Choosing subjects in the leadup to Year 10 is a big step, but it’s also an exciting time. At GCSE level, students get more freedom than ever before to learn about fields that excite and inspire them — the fields they may one day pursue as careers.

At King’s InterHigh, we have 18 IGCSE subjects available for students with all kinds of goals and interests. Our core package includes Maths, English Literature, and English Language, as well as one science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics) and one humanities option (Geography or History). From there onwards, students are free to choose additional science and humanities courses, or add different subjects entirely. From French to Film Studies to Further Maths, we have IGCSE choices for everyone.

However, that’s not all we offer. Alongside their online GCSEs, our students also have the option of fascinating Assured subjects to complement their studies.

What are Assured subjects?

Assured subjects are courses that explore a variety of topics you may not find on the IGCSE curriculum. Designed for learners aged 14 and over, they take two years to complete and are assessed entirely through coursework rather than exams.

Parents and students should keep in mind that Assured subjects are not IGCSE qualifications, and they are not equivalent to GCSEs on a university application. However, pupils who successfully complete an Assured subject course are awarded a certificate endorsed by City and Guilds, an accredited and world-renowned awarding body in the UK.

Who should study Assured subjects?

Anyone can study Assured subjects at King’s InterHigh, and there are a wide range of options to suit all interests. From arts to STEM, these courses delve deep into specific topics, guiding students through unique areas of exploration.

Students who are aiming for top colleges or universities may prefer to stick with online GCSEs to enhance their applications. Assured subjects, on the other hand, are great for teens who want to build their portfolios in preparation for a creative, technical, or hands-on career. Since they’re assessed through coursework, Assured subjects can also serve as a good complementary option for students who’d like to reduce their exam load.


Here are all the Assured subjects we have on offer at King’s InterHigh:

1. Art and Design in Action

Students who join the Art and Design in Action course will begin to develop the research, planning, communication, and evaluation skills they’ll need for a creative career. Alongside discovering how to build an art or design portfolio, students will also learn about working to a client’s brief, creating art for different audiences, ways to use various materials, and more.

2. Computer Game Development

If your child is obsessed with video games, they can take their passion one step further by learning how to create their own gaming experiences. The Computer Game Development course takes students on a journey through everything they need to know to work in the gaming industry. Classes cover the art and design of video games as well as how to produce and test, leaving no stone unturned.

To learn the more technical skills game developers use, students may also wish to study IGCSE Computer Science alongside this Assured subject.

3. Drama and Performance in Practice

Young actors joining King’s InterHigh will love the Drama and Performance in Practice course, as will all students with a flair for performing arts. While your child will have the opportunity to perform while studying this Assured subject, the syllabus also goes far deeper. Reflection, communication, and improvisation are just a few skills your child will learn while developing their own play as part of this course.

For students who love watching performances just as much as they like taking part in them, we also offer IGCSE Film Studies.

4. Health and Wellbeing Management

Whether your child wants to pursue a career in wellness or they simply want to broaden their understanding of health, our Health and Wellbeing Management course is a great academic introduction to this field. As part of their studies, learners will gain knowledge about basic life support, personal wellbeing, healthy eating as a teenager, and more.

This Assured subject is a great start for many careers in the health field. However, if your child aspires to become a doctor one day, they’ll want to study IGCSEs in Biology and Chemistry at minimum, and possibly Physics or Further Maths too. In turn, they’ll be able to study the same subjects at A Level, widening their chances of getting into medical school.


5. International Relations: Perspectives

As King’s InterHigh students interact with their global community of classmates, they’re sure to gain a valuable understanding of different views around the world. For those who want to take their learning one step further, we offer the International Relations: Perspectives course. Covering commerce, politics, geography, and law, this Assured subject teaches students about global powers, international governance, and more.

Your child may want to combine this subject with IGCSE Geography to learn even more about the wider world.

6. Music in Culture and Society

Is your child obsessed with bands or talented at playing an instrument? If so, our Music in Culture and Society course could be the perfect additional subject choice. Alongside learning more about composing and performing, students will also discover exciting insights on the social and cultural significance of music.

Note that playing and reading music will not be part of this course, so your child should have basic proficiency in musical notation as well as their instrument of choice (be that violin, voice, or something in between).

7. Photography Perspectives

Finally, the Photography Perspectives course is perfect for those who want to take their love of photography to the next level. Students don’t even need a digital camera to study this subject — they can do just as well with a smartphone with a high-quality camera lens. As part of this course, your child will learn the full background of photography, from equipment and techniques to the history of the industry. Then, they’ll move on to the creative process of photography, along with how to prepare and present a portfolio for future work.


At King’s InterHigh, we value every student as an individual. Offering plenty of choice in online GCSEs and Assured subjects is just one of the many ways we support each member of our student community on their own unique journey to success and happiness. To learn more about how we can help your child thrive, join us at one of our open events or get in touch with our Admissions Team for help.

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