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History International Baccalaureate Course Overview

The DP History course is ambitious in its scope, presenting students with the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the past and the complexity of historical events, ideas and developments that have shaped our world. The course is international in outlook, covering the histories of multiple peoples, places, and eras to engage students in the fascinating reality that history has multiple perspectives and interpretations.

Students will learn the interplay between different types of history, including: social, political, economic and cultural. They will develop a broad understanding of chronology, absorbing factual knowledge and gathering a sense of context around the topics studied. There are six key concepts that underpin DP history: continuity, change, causation, consequence, significance and perspectives. Teachers use these concepts to enable students to chart their way through the compelling and complex events of the past, encouraging them to think critically and assess a range of interpretations, sources and texts. Core skills such as analysis, argument and evaluation are deliberately developed so students can form coherent and intelligent responses to the historical evidence and events they encounter.

Moreover, this is a world history course that promotes a global perspective so that students will further appreciate the development of societies across the world and gain a deeper understanding of the influences on their own lives and that of modern society through the lens of the past.

Prescribed Subjects

  • Military leaders
  • Conquest and its impact
  • The move to global war
  • Rights and protest
  • Conflict and intervention

World History Topics

Students select two of the following, using topic examples from more than one region of the world.

  • Society and economy (750–1400)
  • Causes and effects of wars (750–1500)
  • Dynasties and rulers (750–1500)
  • Societies in transition (1400–1700)
  • Early Modern states (1450–1789)
  • Causes and effects of Early Modern wars (1500–1750)
  • Origins, development and impact of industrialization (1750–2005)
  • Independence movements (1800–2000)
  • Emergence and development of democratic states (1848–2000)
  • Authoritarian states (20th century)
  • Causes and effects of 20th-century wars
  • The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries (20th century)

Higher Level Options: (choice of one)

  • History of Africa and the Middle East
  • History of the Americas
  • History of Asia and Oceania
  • History of Europe

Internal Assessment

  • Historical investigation

The course is made up of both externally assessed examinations and an internally assessed portfolio. King’s InterHigh will support with guidance around where external exams may be sat. These exams are sat at the end of the two year programme.

  • Paper 1: Source-based paper based on the five prescribed subjects
  • Paper 2: Essay paper based on the 12 world history topics
  • Paper 3: Essay paper based on one of the four regional options (Higher Level)
  • A historical investigation into a topic of the student’s choice
  • “Examine the impact of industrialization on standards of living and working conditions in one country.”
  • “Compare and contrast the impact on women of the policies of two authoritarian states, each chosen from a different region.”
  • “Compare and contrast the role of technology in determining the outcome of two 20th-century wars.”

Learning IB History online allows students to enjoy the following features:

  • Live, responsive teaching and feedback in small classes.
  • High academic standards and levels of support.
  • Positive learning culture and systems for communication.
  • 24/7 access to course resources and lessons, recorded and catalogued.
  • A flexible, international, high energy learning experience.
  • Experienced, subject specialist teachers to both Standard and Higher level.
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