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Computer Science International Baccalaureate Course Overview

IB DP Computer Science course interacts with and influences cultures, society and how individuals and societies use technology and the ethical issues involved.
During the course the student will develop computational solutions. This will involve the ability to:

  • Identify a problem or unanswered question
  • Design, prototype and test a proposed solution
  • Liaise with clients to evaluate the success of the proposed solution and make recommendations for future developments.

At its heart, Computer Science is the study of computing as a problem-solving process (as opposed to the study of computers, the devices). At its core there are two main elements: algorithms and data structures. Algorithms are the procedures we design to solve a problem (the recipe of steps). Data structures are how we organise and link our data together so we can extract meaning from it.

  • System fundamentals
  • Computer organization
  • Networks
  • Computational thinking, problem-solving & programming

The course is made up of both externally assessed examinations and an internally assessed portfolio. King’s InterHigh will support with guidance around where external exams may be sat. These exams are sat at the end of the two year programme.

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