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Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations International Baccalaureate Course Overview

There are two different DP subjects in mathematics, this course: Mathematics: Applications and interpretations focuses on the pivotal position that mathematics and technology hold in many industries and areas of study across the world. This course focuses students on mathematics in context, engaging students in working through real-life scenarios to develop and communicate mathematical solutions in order to draw conclusions. This approach gives students a strong appreciation for the relationship between the theoretical and practical, enables them to understand mathematical concepts and modelling and covers higher order topics such as statistics and calculus. It is a challenging and fascinating course for young mathematicians.

The external assessments on the course involve the use of technology. The blend of predominantly external but some internal assessments support students to become independent in their mathematical learning, whilst developing a curiosity and enjoyment of mathematics, and its intricacies and power. Students will hone their logical and creative thinking and refine their understanding of core skills such as reasoning, deduction, abstraction and generalization. More broadly, the course will build their capacity to be persistent in problem solving, use technology well and communicate mathematically with concision and confidence. Interestingly, they will also examine the universality of mathematics and its multicultural, international and historical perspectives. Alongside this, students will explore the contribution of mathematics to other disciplines including those covered as “areas of knowledge” in the Theory of Knowledge course, which exemplifies the cross-curricular and outward facing approach of an IB mathematics education.

  • Number and algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry and trigonometry
  • Statistics and probability
  • Calculus
  • Development of investigational, problem-solving and modelling skills and the exploration of an area of mathematics

The course is made up of both externally assessed examinations and an internally assessed work. King’s InterHigh will support with guidance around where external exams may be sat. These exams are sat at the end of the two year programme.

  • Paper 1 – Compulsory short-response questions based on the syllabus (technology allowed).
  • Paper 2 – Compulsory extended-response questions based on the syllabus (technology allowed).
  • Paper 3 – Two compulsory extended-response problem-solving questions (technology allowed).
  • Exploration – This unit enables students to demonstrate the application of their skills and knowledge, and to pursue their personal interests, without the time limitations and other constraints that are associated with written examinations.

Learning IB Mathematics online allows students to enjoy the following features:

  • A variety of technology available on our learning platform
  • A flexible, international, high energy learning experience.
  • Experienced, subject specialist teachers to both Standard and Higher level.
  • High academic standards and levels of support.
  • 24/7 access to course resources and lessons, recorded and catalogued.
  • Live, responsive teaching and feedback in small classes.
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