Article December 11, 2023

How we’re personalising learning with AI | Future Learning, Now

By Anthony Peters

At King’s InterHigh, we know that every young person is unique. When students are all taught in the same way at the same pace, it’s almost impossible for everyone to reach their full potential.

That’s why our school has always been fiercely dedicated to providing an education that’s tailored to our individual learners. Now, we’re taking things one step further with a pioneering new platform that makes our learning even more personalised to each student: Inspired AI.

Why learning must be personalised

What makes personalised learning so important to begin with?

In a nutshell, a uniform approach simply can’t bring out the best in every young mind. Every child has different interests that spark their curiosity, different experiences that shape how they pick, different strengths, and different areas that challenge them.

With a one-size-fits-all education, it’s so easy for students to fall behind when they’re struggling — and there’s no chance to deep-dive into the topics they excel at. In our view, the only way to guide every child to thrive is to celebrate all that diversity with learning that’s tailored to them.

That’s always been our approach at King’s InterHigh, and Inspired AI our latest tool for making our learning as personalised as it can be.

Inspired AI: Cutting-edge personalised education

As part of Inspired, the world’s leading education group, King’s InterHigh students now have access to Inspired AI.

This AI is a different to the artificial intelligence you may have seen in the news (or even used yourself). Crafted specifically for education, it’s a revolutionary online platform that truly enhances our teaching and learning.

With Inspired AI, every student now gets their very own personalised learning pathway. This learning pathway brings them bite-sized activities chosen based on their strengths and weaknesses, helping your child to truly understand every single topic.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the platform’s algorithms get to know your child as an individual learner, similarly to how their teachers do. It understands which concepts they’ve grasped well in class and which topics they need more support in, putting those insights into use in a variety of ways.

For one, our wonderful educators can pair Inspired AI with the observations they make in class to get the richest picture of every student’s progress. Using this analysis, they can tailor their lesson plans to best fit the whole class, dive deeper into topics, and start more meaningful classroom discussions.

Meanwhile, students can use the platform in their own time to guide and enhance their learning. A student who wasn’t quite able to grasp remainders in their last lesson, for example, will be presented with a series of fun learning tasks that will help them understand those tricky areas. A child who struggles to structure their sentences, meanwhile, now has another way to practice at their own pace alongside the help they get in class. Meeting each student where they are, Inspired AI’s activities help learners feel ready to progress with confidence in each class.

Does it really work?

In a world where new technologies are always developing, you’re not alone if you’re wondering whether AI-powered learning is really as powerful as it sounds. Of course, as with all of the cutting-edge technologies we use at King’s InterHigh, Inspired AI has undergone many internal case studies — and the outcomes are nothing short of remarkable.

In our research, we found that students who use the platform increase their performance by an entire grade boundary on average. In an exam, that could be the difference between a B and an A. What’s great is that our students enjoy their tailored learning so much, we see them logging onto the Inspired AI platform even outside of their guided learning hours, empowering them to push their own learning forward.

Is this the future of learning?

One thing’s certain: our artificial intelligence isn’t a replacement for teachers. Far from it, in fact — Inspired AI works so well because it’s a complement to the engaging, effective, interactive live lessons they teach each school day.

That being said, there’s no doubt that a platform like this is a gamechanger in education. The more personalised learning is to each student, the more education can open up a realm of possibilities for every single child. More than a technology, Inspired AI is a paradigm shift, and a representation of the standard of learning that all young people deserve.

One day, personalised learning technologies are likely to be part of every modern classroom, so we’re incredibly excited to be bringing our students this innovation right now.

By Anthony Peters

Anthony Peters is the Head of Educational Technology at King's InterHigh. A visionary educator with a decade of experience in merging tech with learning, Anthony leads King's InterHigh's use of technologies like AR and AI to create immersive, effective learning experiences for students.

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