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Stellar GCSE results for King’s InterHigh’s 2022 students

By King's InterHigh

Following our students’ A Level successes, we are very happy to announce that King’s InterHigh GCSE students have achieved outstanding grades this year.

With high-quality, flexible learning that fits their needs, our 2022 cohort have done amazingly well in their exams and taken the first steps towards their future goals — all while developing into confident, inquisitive, and compassionate young people.

With this in mind, let’s celebrate the achievements our students have made, both together and on their individual pathways.

King’s InterHigh 2022 GCSE results

First, an overview of our students’ exam performance this year:


11% of results achieved at grade 9

2022 UK national average: 6.6%
(Equivalent to the former A*)

41% of results achieved at grades 9-7

2022 UK national average: 23%
(Equivalent to the former A* to A)

84% of results achieved at grades 9-4

2022 UK national average: 73%
(Equivalent to the former A* to C)


We extend a big congratulations to our 2022 learners, who together have achieved well above the national average across all grades!

This was a wonderful GCSE results day for King’s InterHigh. These outcomes are sure to inspire next year’s cohort with confidence to reach such standards. We are proud that our students consistently show how taking a different approach to learning and enjoying a more flexible education can still lead to immense success. As always, I’d like to thank our teachers and staff who have educated and supported these students to such a high level this year.”

– Ashley Harrold, Executive Head

Student spotlights

Of course, what’s even more important to us is the story and journey behind each individual student’s academic growth this year. King’s InterHigh is an inclusive, non-selective school, and we accept admissions at any point during the year. Students join us for a variety of reasons, whether they need to learn flexibly due to external commitments, they need access to quality British schooling abroad, or they’ve faced challenges in the traditional school environment.

As our school’s Executive Headteacher puts best, “students are not numbers to us.” We are proud of students across the entire school, so let’s shine a spotlight on some of the learners who have made great strides with us this year, both academically and personally.

International student Caitlin joined us because she needed a pathway to her dream of studying a medicine degree in the UK.

Achieving six 9s and one 8 in her IGCSEs this year, she’s already well on her way to becoming a great doctor one day.

This summer, young handball star Tabatha competed for England for the first time — and she was able to achieve five 7-8 grades and two 6s in her exams.

Tabatha says that after struggling with bullying and missing out on a social life at her old school, learning at King’s InterHigh has been a big weight off her shoulders.

Reem was awarded four 9s and two 8s across the sciences, maths, English, and business. What we’re equally proud to see is the mindset she’s developed during her IGCSE years.

Reem now leaves her comfort zone to engage with her classmates in lessons, and she’s decided to make “big, daring moves” to achieve her goals.

Alongside attaining eight IGCSEs this year, including four 9-7 grades, Valentina is an active participant in our school’s Model UN.

That’s a huge personal feat considering the anxiety and social difficulties she faced in Primary school before joining us.

We now look forward to all their future progress and achievements as they study their A Levels at our online Sixth Form.

Subject successes

Alongside our overall results school-wide, we’ve seen many subject-specific IGCSE successes this year.

Just as at A Level, our IGCSE language students have soared across French, German, and Spanish. As part of their studies, students get to engage with their target language in real time using ImmerseMe: a simulation tool that allows you to practice speaking and listening in native settings. This, along with the great work of our teachers, has resulted in:

  • 32% grade 9s and 64% grades 9-7 in French
  • 38% grade 9s and 50% grades 9-7 in German
  • 70% grades 9-7 in Spanish

Online STEM education is another area where our students continue to excel. Across the sciences, highlights include:

  • 51% grades 9-7 in Chemistry
  • 46% grades 9-7 in Physics
  • 47% grades 9-7 in Computer Science

Other outstanding departments include Geography (51% of grades at 9-7), Religious Studies (55% of grades at 9-7), Business (90% of grades at 9-4), and Further Maths (89% at grades 9-4).

A message from Ashley Harrold, Executive Head

We are proud of every single student in our Year 11 cohort this year. They have worked incredibly hard, and credit goes to them and their teachers for these wonderful results.

Exams are a huge challenge for all students, but with careful support and genuine care, our online community has fostered an environment where it is possible to thrive and to face these exams with confidence, finding both individual and personal success. Our online community is incredibly diverse, and there have been so many stories of amazing top grades, alongside stories of persistence, progress, and in some cases redemption.

Overall, our King’s InterHigh students have once again shown that learning online can lead to excellent outcomes, a route to further study, and a pathway to current and future aspirations.

As an online school, we focus on the progress that students make after joining us, and we know that everyone can achieve with the right teaching, effort, and support. It is never too late to catch up in the right learning environment, so if you or someone you know needs a new learning environment, talk to us about how we can help.

With students able to join all year round (and a vast choice of IGCSEs, A Levels, and the IB Diploma), now is a perfect time to make the move to online schooling that revolves around you.

Contact us or book a call to find out more about learning at King’s InterHigh


* Grade percentages are based on collected results from students and exam centres. Students who declined to report their results or deferred their exams for personal reasons have not been included.

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