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Superb 2022 A Level results for King’s InterHigh students

By King's InterHigh

We are delighted to report yet another year of wonderful A Level results and academic achievements for King’s InterHigh’s Sixth Form students. Our Class of 2022 have shown that high-quality, flexible online learning can lead to excellent exam outcomes, a route to higher education, and a pathway towards future dreams and aspirations.

Shining a spotlight

While it’s sadly not possible to highlight every student’s success in just one post, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some of the learners we spoke with on results day last week. Click each student’s photo to see their full stories!


Thomas, for example, has graduated from our Class of 2022 with an outstanding four A* grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths.

Now, he’s heading off to the University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences, aiming to become a researcher in sustainable agriculture.


If you have an animal friend, you may find your pet in the care of our student Heidi one day. In her own words, Heidi joined King’s InterHigh after a difficult time in mainstream schooling “in hopes of finding joy in learning and rediscovering the person [she] used to be.”

We’re happy to say that Heidi achieved ABB in French, Biology, and English Literature this year, and has now been accepted to study Veterinary Nursing at university.


Rauf, meanwhile, is set to study at LUISS University in Italy after achieving three A*s in Maths, Law, and English Language.

Thanks to his flexible schedule, Rauf also had the opportunity to spend his Sixth Form years launching volunteer tutoring courses for low-income families in his area.


Our results

At King’s InterHigh, learning revolves around each individual student, and there are so many more incredible stories behind the grades achieved this year.

As an inclusive, non-selective school accepting admissions at any point during the year, all of our students are on their own unique journeys to success. Many have benefited from learning flexibly while balancing school with passions and commitments, while others have joined us after challenges in mainstream education.

Students are not numbers to us. We know that each student is unique, and we are proud of the growth and development of students across the entire school — including those who accessed our Sixth Form when traditional schooling didn’t work for them.”

– Ashley Harrold, Executive Head

With that being said, we’re delighted to report that our diverse cohort has achieved great A Level results across the board this year.

King’s InterHigh 2022 A Level results


  • 30% of all grades achieved at A*-A
  • 70% of all grades achieved at A*-C
  • 26 students achieved A*-B in every subject

These are results in which the school community can take great pride. Students have once again demonstrated their excellence and endeavour, and now have a brilliant set of grades to use as they begin the next stage of their education.

– Ashley Harrold, Executive Head

This year’s subject highlights

This was another impressive year for our language students. In German, 100% of students were awarded an A* or A grade. 60% of all students in French and Spanish also achieved an A* or A. Throughout the year, our learners have been practicing their speaking and listening skills in native settings using a simulation tool called ImmerseMe, preparing them well for their language exams.

Unique and effective online STEM education is another highlight of teaching at King’s InterHigh, and it continues to pay off this year. 20% of all Biology grades were achieved at an A*, along with 26% of Chemistry grades. A Level Mathematics, meanwhile, had a 100% pass rate, with 2 in 3 achieving a B or above and 46% reaching A* or A.


Other highlights include English Literature, where 2 in 3 achieved A*-B, and Law, where 60% were awarded A* or A.

A message from Ashley Harrold, Executive Head

This has been a wonderful results day for King’s InterHigh, and the outcomes our Class of 2022 students have achieved are sure to give confidence to our younger year groups as they approach their own exams. I’d like to thank the teachers and staff at our online school who have educated and supported this cohort to such a superb level.

Our young people consistently show that it is possible to take a different approach to education, to enjoy a more personalised way of learning, and to still have success.

As an online school, we focus on the progress that students make after joining us. Student effort, effective teaching, and support from home mean everyone can achieve, and we believe it is never too late to catch up in the right learning environment.

If you or someone you know needs a new school environment, talk to us at King’s InterHigh. Our new school year is set to begin shortly and students can join us at any time, making now the perfect time to transform your education with online learning.

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