Story/Interview October 21, 2021

Lily Larg

By King's InterHigh

I went to local school and i struggled in class because I am dyslexic, and I sometimes need extra time to go at my own pace. The great thing about King's InterHigh is that you can travel out - with school holidays, for any amount of time and you can take your school with you.

I love King's InterHigh, I am not rushed, I can watch a lesson as many times as I like and if I need more help, I just ask my teachers who are always ready to help.

Lily Larg

 How are you finding learning with King's InterHigh?

When I picked my IGCSE’s the teachers really supported me in my decisions, they did not try to fit me into a box.

I love the structure of the school and I have really enjoyed learning at KIH, I can be a little disorganised, but KIH helps me manage my time better.

I love meeting and being able to speak to students anywhere in the world Dubai and Hawaii

 Do you have any tips for potential and existing King's InterHigh students of how to get the most out of their time at King's InterHigh?

Time management is a big thing for me and getting my home work done on time so I can ride my pony or spend time surfing.

By King's InterHigh

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