News February 8, 2022

Pointe-Noire school becomes first in the city to offer a fully blended British curriculum, powered by King’s InterHigh

By King's InterHigh

In a recent partnership with King’s InterHigh, Congolese school Connie’s Academy is bringing their students access to the full British curriculum with expert teachers and an immersive international community — all from the comfort of their very own learning centre.

Nestled in the heart of Pointe-Noire, a port city in the Republic of the Congo, Connie’s Academy is a well-established British international school. Educationalist Connie Reza set up the academy in 2014 to meet the needs of internationally mobile and expatriate families as well as local families who prefer everything a British education has to offer. A busy and affluent city, Pointe-Noire is known for its sizeable French and Italian expatriate community, many of whom seek a world-class international education for their children.

Today, Connie’s Academy is a school with a vibrant community, catering for students between the ages of 3 and 18. It boasts recreational areas and 21st-century classrooms at its fully-furnished learning centre, all within minutes’ walk of the port. The school is also just a stone’s throw from the Diosso Gorge rainforest and the abundant wildlife of Conkouati-Douli National Park. On the school grounds, students have access to a well-resourced library, a computer laboratory, specialist arts, music and drama facilities, gym equipment, and outdoor play areas. Both students and teachers at Connie’s Academy use desktop computers, laptops, and tablets on a daily basis, making technology a part of everyday learning.

Now, Connie’s Academy students from Year 7 upwards can attend interactive online classes delivered by King’s InterHigh’s qualified, specialist teachers. Students at the academy have access to the broad and comprehensive British curriculum, including lessons in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, STEM, Creative Media, and French or Spanish as a foreign language.

Learners at Connie’s Academy actively engage in their live lessons in a variety of different ways; activities such as discussions, debates, group work, interactive games, and virtual simulations all help to motivate and engage students in their learning. Homework and assignments are set weekly, and students receive regular feedback and encouragement from teachers at King’s InterHigh. Around them, a team of caring and knowledgeable staff at Connie’s Academy provide daily pastoral and in-person support to ensure learning and progress is optimised. This is the first truly blended model to be offered by a British international school in the bustling city of Pointe-Noire.

Mr. Gareth Lucas-Howells, King’s InterHigh’s Head of Education Partnerships, said: “We are absolutely delighted to work with the school to provide a fully interactive, cutting-edge, online British international education to high school students in Pointe-Noire. The students are engaged and thriving, enjoying their weekly lessons with experienced teachers from the UK, interacting with peers from all over the world. We are fortunate to have great partners like Connie’s Academy, who deliver such wonderful in-person teaching and support and attention to the students, complementing the work they do online! It’s a powerful collaboration.”

Mr. Kazim Reza, Head of Centre at Connie’s Academy, also commented: “The teachers, teaching assistants, staff and parents here at Connie’s Academy are committed to innovation. The alignment with King’s InterHigh is reflective of that drive to give our students the very best of opportunities. We look forward to continuing to challenge and inspire students to realize their potential, both academically and personally, in a stimulating and caring community, enabling them to become responsible and engaged citizens of the world.”

By King's InterHigh

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