Article October 6, 2022

“Our favourite teachers”: King’s InterHigh students celebrate World Teachers’ Day

By King's InterHigh

October 5th is UNESCO World Teachers’ Day: a day to celebrate all the incredible educators who make the world of schooling go round!

At King’s InterHigh, we couldn’t bring our students the high-quality, personalised, flexible, and inspiring online education we’re known for without the hard work of every teacher in our community.

To show their support, our King’s InterHigh students have nominated some of their favourite teachers to shine a spotlight on. In the words of our families, here’s how they create environment that makes our learners excited to come to class and helps them reach their academic potential.

 Mr. Ali

Celebrated by Nina, Year 10: “Mr. Tariq Ali supports his whole physics class when they answer a question. And makes sure that even though they got the wrong answer, it doesn't matter: ‘We don't worry about right or wrong, we worry about trying, who cares if you got it wrong!’

“The most important thing is that you aren't afraid to answer, and you don't give up. He makes physics my favourite class because I know that I can answer without being judged!” – from Nina

 Mr. Miseldine

Celebrated by Matheus, Year 4: “I would like to show our appreciation for the exceptional teaching skills and support from Mr. J. Miseldine. Matheus absolutely loves his lessons and is always excited to join in and participate. When I asked him which were his favourite lessons for the school survey, he answered every lesson taught by Mr. J. Miseldine.

“Congratulations to all teachers for helping our children grow and learn. Thank you!” – from Nivia, Matheus’s mum

 Ms. Crow

Celebrated by Vishwanath, Year 7: “[Vishwanath’s] favourite teacher is Ms. Anni Crow. She teaches him Science, and the reason why he is inspired by her is that she actively engages him in wondering about science phenomena and how they happen.

“The teacher makes the online classes more interactive by giving quizzes and she makes the lesson very understandable.” – from Mrs K., Vishwanath’s mum

 Ms. Martin

Celebrated by Isa, Year 13: “Anita Martin is such a wholesome lovely teacher, she's always available for her students, and is very sweet and funny, she has truly helped me to feel connected to the school.” – from Isa

 Ms. Howells

Celebrated by Florence: "Florence’s face lights up when she knows she has class with Bernadette Howells. The way she speaks to her students and calls them all her 'little flowers' at the end of class is so lovely. She seems very kind and caring and explains things really clearly and encourages them all giving her students confidence.

"Florence does everything she can to impress her teacher and I can see that she genuinely enjoys her course much more this year because of this wonderful teacher." – from Michaela, Florence's mum

 Ms. Thornhill

Celebrated by Anna, Year 9: “I have just joined KIH and my favourite lesson is English. I am pleased that I really like my teacher, Patricia Thornhill. I look forward to her lessons and she engages us all with varied and calm lessons.” – from Anna

 Mr. Robertson

Celebrated by Ralitsa, Year 12: “My favourite teacher without a doubt is my biology teacher Callum Robertson… Mr. Robertson caught my interest and curiosity with his interactive ways of teaching and amazing personality.

“He has always been so supportive and cooperative with me and all my classmates and infects us with his love for biology. He makes me feel comfortable to put my camera and mic on in class and highly encourages us to interact with each other.

“I am so happy that Mr. Robertson is my teacher this year again, as with his guidance, last summer I managed to reach a score of 7 on my IGCSE Biology exam, which is a huge accomplishment for me, because as much as I love the subject, it is also a very technical and complex one.

“Mr. Robertson is one of the most unique and inspiring teachers I have met in my life, and I am so grateful to know him and be able to learn from him. Thank you, Mr. Robertson and Happy World Teachers' Day!!” – from Ralitsa

By King's InterHigh

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