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Celebrating our teachers: Thank a Teacher Day!

By King's InterHigh

Whether virtually or in person, teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of their students. They serve as mentors, role models, and confidants, instilling knowledge, values, and skills that extend far beyond textbooks and exams. They create safe and inclusive spaces where students can grow, learn, and discover their unique potential. Teachers inspire curiosity, foster critical thinking, and ignite the spark of lifelong learning.

Behind every successful school, there are dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to nurture and guide students on their path to knowledge. Today at King’s InterHigh, we are celebrating the incredible expert teachers that make our school so special. 

Over the last couple of weeks, students across all levels of our school have been sharing their words of gratitude for the teachers who inspire them day to day; a testament to the profound impact a teacher can have, even when teaching and learning online. Take a look at some of them below: 

Robyn Tidswell

“She teaches me five subjects and I have learned a lot of things I never knew. She also gives everyone turns on the microphone, so everybody is welcome. She is also very kind to us.” Christian, Year 3


Jon Miseldine

“I was so anxious in my old school as I have autism and social anxiety and selective mute. I couldn’t go to school i was very stressed. I love Mr Miseldine. He is the best teacher I ever had. He made me feel welcome and relaxed. HIs lessons are fun and I am always interested to learn and log on for his lessons. He is very kind and helpful. he is respectful to the children and always listens to us and gives good feedback for my work so I feel proud. I wish I could keep him for year 5!” — Oliver, Year 4 (middle)


“He makes us feel comfortable and ready to learn. He makes learning enjoyable and fun. Above all, he makes me and my class mates feel so special. I never once felt sad, worried or invisible in his class. I wish every child in the world had a teacher like Mr. Miseldine; then the world would be a happier place. Thank you Mr. Miseldine so much and I really hope to be in your class next year in Y5. That will make me so very happy.” — Valentine, Year 4 (right)


Ceri Padley

“She is really supportive and it’s fun to write stories and reading in the microphone and she keeps making jokes and we laugh” — Mokhtar, Year 7


Neil Williams

“Mr Williams is so incredibly cool, relaxed and tolerant. He knows how to make lessons a lot more fun and interesting, and often gives us fair amounts and time to complete apply tasks! He’s also curious about our hobbies and favourite activities as students which creates a really enjoyable, friendly learning environment. Finally he’s also excellent at bringing the best out of all his students and knowing our strengths and weaknesses. Overall very knowledgeable, wise and helps us achieve great results.” — Millie, Year 10


Gamze Cinar

“She’s just really the best teacher, she always makes lessons fun and interactive taking the time to explain everything. Her lessons are always great and dont even feel like lessons, everyone looks forward to them, they dont drag at all and go by so quickly and people are actually upset when the lesson ends. She gives a multitude of resources, revision techniques and advice, always replies to emails and questions and even incorporates revision into her lessons to help. She doesn’t just help with school, she always listens to people and gives them support and advice whether its related to school or not. Her lessons feel so safe and fun and she genuinely cares about her students and does her best to help them. She deserves this award more than anyone because she’s the most amazingest best teacher, her lesson is my favourite one of the week and I always look forward to it and her class is also the best and I’m really blessed to have been in it and had her as my teacher.”  Sumayya, Year 11


Jane Cabara

“She is a good teacher, allows for jokes – balancing fun and learning really well, great personality, very supportive and helpful both with school and outside of school matters, she responds to emails on record speeds and always with a useful response, by either answering or forwarding to the right person. She is very open to feedback and applies it to lessons very quickly. Her feedback on your work is easy to understand and is therefore easy to apply. Her lessons are some I’ve looked forward too even during darker times. she is candidly interested in her students and their progression.” Bertram, Year 12

Thank you to all our amazing teachers at King’s InterHigh for your kindness and dedication to all students in our global school community. This thank a teacher day, remember to thank a teacher who has inspired you!  

By King's InterHigh

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