Article February 13, 2023

How our students stay active at online school

By King's InterHigh

One of the most common questions parents have about online school is, "Do students get any physical activity?"

The answer? King's InterHigh students stay just as active as their peers at traditional schools — sometimes, even more active!

Exercise helps us maintain a healthy body and mind, and research from UCL even shows that keeping active boosts your memory, concentration, and mood while studying. So, we always encourage our students to get up and moving when they can.

In the true spirit of schooling that revolves around you, every student in our community has their own way of staying active. Let’s take a look at some of their favourites.

Our active clubs

Did you know that there’s more to our school day than lessons? When class is out of session, our students can take part in a wide selection of fun and exciting clubs.

Alongside co-curriculars like Book Club and Minecraft Club, we also offer a number of physical activity-based clubs that get learners moving and shaking.

Some of the most popular choices this year include:

  • Running Club
  • Yoga Club
  • Core for Sport Club
  • Exercise Club

With various clubs running throughout the year, there’s always a new way for our students to get exercising with their classmates — much like they would in a traditional P.E. class.

After school activities

Most of our students also like to stay active during their downtime, whether between classes or after school. Our timetables give students plenty of opportunity to join local sports clubs or exercise in their favourite way.

Some of our learners, like Ava, never miss an opportunity to get moving, no matter what the activity is.

 Ava, Year 10

My name is Ava. I am in Year 10, and my favourite way to spend my free time is moving my body.

I'm keen on trying out any type of sport, even if I'm not the best at it.

However, some that I'm really experienced in and enjoy the most are dance, pilates, running and swimming!

Others take their physical activity more seriously, training every week and competing in contests. Take GCSE student Reese, for example.

 Reese, Year 11

I'm Reese. I'm in Year 11 and from Liverpool, England.

I began dancing when I was eight years old and have loved it ever since. I train four times a week and compete in group competitions and solo competitions representing my dance school.

I train in lyrical, contemporary, modern, jazz, ballet, commercial and acro, as well as taking technique and conditioning classes each week.

Most recently I received first place for my lyrical solo and third place for my modern solo, also receiving second place for commercial in the UK dance class championships.

Of course, physical activity doesn’t have to be structured. Lots of our students keep fit and healthy by enjoying the great outdoors. James is one of them, according to his mum.

 James, Year 8

Michelle, James's mum:

James loves spending time with his three dogs.

We live rurally, so his exercise regime is regular dog walks and runs with the dogs: Luna, Narla and Tinker.

As a global community, many of our students’ favourite sports are also influenced by where they live. Take year 8 student Olly, for example, who’s part of a local club for one of England’s most popular sports: football. Year 9 student Anastasia, meanwhile, lives in Romania, where she has the opportunity to go skiing.

From football and skiing to motorsports and golf, here are just a few of the sports our community enjoys all around the world.

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