Article July 13, 2023

King's InterHigh staff raise over £10,000 for children's charity at Glastonbury

By King's InterHigh

Amidst the bright lights and booming music, the King's InterHigh community danced to a different rhythm at Glastonbury 2023. For the second year running, a team of our teachers and staff rolled up their sleeves at the iconic festival and raise money for a cause close to our hearts.

Our hardworking group of volunteers — including staff from Academy21 and My Online Schooling — committed their time to Love the Farm, a volunteer steward initiative created to uphold Glastonbury’s “leave no trace” pledge. This endeavour to protect and respect the land is a crucial aspect of the festival, and a remind of our collective responsibility towards the environment. As a fully online school, it’s a value that aligns with our own commitment to eco-friendliness and global consciousness too.

The spirit of the festival, brimming with music, laughter, and camaraderie, provided a backdrop that perfectly complemented our staffs’ mission. For every hour they worked, they earned £5 each for Tŷ Hafan: a children’s hospice providing invaluable support to children with life-shortening conditions and their families. Since 1999, they have supported over 1,100 children, and their work wouldn’t be possible without the 50,000 supporters who help their mission. Based in Wales, where King’s InterHigh was first founded, Tŷ Hafan is a charity close to our hearts — especially the heart of Hana Thompson, one of their most dedicated supporters.

Hana Thompson, our vibrant Customer Service Team Lead at King’s InterHigh, brought those same leaderships skills to the volunteering project, where she helped guide, cheer on, and inspire the 170 Love the Farm volunteers. Her passion for making a positive impact and her commitment to the cause are true examples of how she consistently goes the extra mile, whether for our families or the wider community.

All in all, this tradition is one we’re incredibly proud of. Just like last year, the team raised over £10,000 for Ty Hafan in total, which will make a real difference to Welsh families in need of hospice care.

The festival was also much more than a volunteering opportunity for Hana and her team. Alongside protecting the land and raising money, Hana and her team got a rare chance to engage in-person with homeschooling families— a community well represented here at King’s InterHigh.

The whole week was incredible, it was fantastic to see so many families at the festival that are part of the homeschooling community nationwide.

Hana Thompson

Customer Service Team Lead

One of Hana’s highlights was the festival’s ‘Kidzfield’, which quickly became a busy hub for families from diverse backgrounds and “such a wonderful event for all ages.” On top of that, Hana says, “We had great support from some well-known faces who appreciate the work of the Love the Farm volunteers.” Footballer Peter Crouch and BBC presenters Jordan North and Vicky Hope, among others, gave our team a great morale boost and helped draw more attention to the important work at hand.

And, of all the moments at the festival, one resonated with Hana in particular. “We were at the Pyramid stage for Lewis Capaldi, which made me quite emotional,” she recalls. As many may know, Capaldi thanked fans at the festival for their support as he performed through tics caused by Tourette’s Syndrome.

[There was] an awe-inspiring display of love from a crowd of 100,000.  Being part of such an incredibly inclusive school it was phenomenal to see the acceptance, compassion, and empathy. Hana  

Hana Thompson

Customer Service Team Lead

I am incredibly proud to be a part of the King’s InterHigh family, and to be able to be part of such a wonderful volunteer team is something I really look forward to,” says Hana, and we couldn’t agree more. Her words encapsulate the sense of unity and support we always strive for in our entire global community, from our teachers to our students. More than just a music event, Glastonbury Festival was a journey of shared experiences for our team, and an opportunity to set an example of care and empathy. When we work together, we can make a transformative impact on the community around us.

By King's InterHigh

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