Article December 14, 2022

Families share how online schooling gives them more time together

By King's InterHigh

What makes online schooling special to our community? For many, it's the chance to finally spend precious time with family. Without commutes and lengthy school days draining time, and without school worries detracting from happy time together, our families have shared that they now have more time than ever to bond.

As we approach the holiday season, let's take a look at how some of our families enjoy their precious moments together.

 Time with Lukas

What's better than baking with your children during the holidays?

Check out Lukas and his brother Niklas cooking up some delicious Christmas cookies.

 Time with Surya

from Vience, Surya's mum: "When you’re doing schooling online, you really pick and choose your social experiences and connections, you spend time with the people you really want to spend time with."

"You do things because you really want to, not because you're in that confined environment where you’re expected to."

 Time with James

Year 8 student James's favourite place is Cornwall, so it's wonderful that the family get to spend time together there.

As an animal friendly family, they always take their dogs along too!

 Time with Skye

from Loren, Skye's dad: "As Skye learns at home, it’s given us the time and space to make so many things together! I work as a director and producer in live entertainment and so I know how to create and develop imaginary worlds, make incredible costumes and props."

"We’ve made Vikings, Roman Centurions, Minecraft costumes and so much more and the physical skills he has learnt as a result have been great for him."

 Time with Sinan

from Parisa, Sinan's mum: "What we all enjoy is finding nice places to have lunch, dinner or even just a tea with a cookie."

 Time with Noah

Year 7 student Noah and his mum love to spend "lovely days out" in nature in between his lessons.

 Time with Mia

from Mia: "Holiday escape to tropical palm lined beaches, fresh coconuts and cooling sea breeze, or braving the red hot Savannah."

"Family fufu making Sundays and dancing to the beat of the African drum."

With learning that follows you wherever you go, dream family holidays can become a reality at any time.

 Time with the Kanagasabais

With dad often travelling for work, Mrs. Kanagasabai tells us that they rarely had time to review school work together.

Now, they can spend more time together as a family, whether they're helping with homework or out on excursions like this.

 Time with Freddy and Zak

Along with their brother Luca, skiers Freddy and Zak have been enjoying their studies at King's InterHigh for several years now — and they love fun family treks like this just as much as their lessons.

 Time with Will

"In the afternoons, my mum and I have lunch together, and maybe a game of tennis if the weather is nice, or I may work on a Lego build.

If want to attend the village during the week, I can catch up on my lessons when I get home. In the village, because I’m only 11 years old, my mum has to come too, which means she has to be a villager and dress in costume. She loves it as much as I do and I like having her there!"

 Time with Grace

Animals are family too! Grace, Year 11, likes to spend time with her kittens (Pippa and Leon) as well as her less furry family members.

By King's InterHigh

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