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Top tips for happy transition to online learning | Online School 101

By King's InterHigh

If mainstream education hasn’t been living up to your child’s needs, making the move to online school can be truly transformative. Of course, you’re not alone if the transition is bringing up questions.

Will my child make friends? Will the tech be confusing? Is changing schools going to be stressful? Your child may have many of the same questions too — but there’s no need to worry.

While switching to a new way of learning can feel daunting at first, there are so many ways to make the transition smooth, ease your child’s nerves, and get excited for the new journey to come.

Take a look at some of the most useful online school transition tips we’ve discovered over the years.

Set up your tech

Unexpected tech troubles can be a real pain, so make sure all your child’s learning devices are set up before the first day of school rolls around.

Our school platform at King’s InterHigh is designed to be intuitive for both students and parents or guardians, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting to grips with the environment. But, you’ll still want to make sure all your child’s hardware is in good working order.

They’ll typically use a computer, headset (or headphones and microphone), and webcam to participate in their live classes, so test all these devices ahead of time. If applicable to your child’s year group, make sure to double check your virtual reality (VR) headset is in good shape too. It’s also a good idea to test your internet connectivity and make sure there’s no lag that could interfere with live classes and online activities. If things are running a bit slow, an ethernet cable or cheap wi-fi booster should fix the problem.

Lastly, remember to download any software your child needs for their first day. From a word processor to our state-of-the-art virtual classroom platform, we’ll let you know any free tools you need when you join us.

With a little advanced preparation, you can make sure your child will be focused on learning from day one — not troubleshooting!

Get comfortable

For many students who struggle in the traditional classroom, one of the best things about King’s InterHigh is getting to work in an environment that suits you. Take advantage of that by making your child’s workspace a personalised learning oasis. The more comfortable they feel at their desk, the more ready they’ll feel to take on the move to online school.

We have plenty of advice on setting up the perfect study space, but some of the best tips to follow ahead of the first day include:

  • Choosing a distraction-free spot for your child’s desk
  • Making sure all essentials (from headphones to pens) are organised and easy to reach
  • Amping up the comfort with cushioned seating and natural lighting

This is also a great opportunity to let your child get involved and personalise their space. Whether they want family photos nearby or figurines from their favourite cartoon, being surrounded by things they love is a great way to create a sense of calm and reduce nerves.

There are no uniforms at King’s InterHigh! Your child can dress in any outfit that makes them feel centred, comfortable, and ready to learn — whether that’s an beloved t-shirt, a smart blouse, or one of our school logo hoodies.

Meet new people

As nerve-racking as it can feel, it’s never too early to start making friends at a new school. In fact, getting involved in our social activities can help your child ease into King’s InterHigh much quicker. Our warm community of online students is always eager to welcome new learners!

As soon as you join us, your child will be assigned to one of our school houses. These are smaller communities within our wider student body, giving new learners a more tight-knit setting to start socialising. Joining clubs is also a great way for your child to meet classmates like them and kickstart friendships. We have dozens on offer each term to suit a huge range of interests, from Debate Society to Harry Potter Club.

Plus, throughout the year, your child will get to take part in numerous events like interhouse competitions, food festivals, and art shows. You’ll even find plenty of opportunities to meet up with fellow King’s InterHigh students and families in your local area (or further afield!) through school trips, activity weekends, and more.

Keep up with hobbies

While there are plenty of activities to get stuck into at our school, that doesn’t mean your child needs to give up their old hobbies. Keeping up with activities they love can actually help keep a sense of familiarity during the school transition, helping to ease your child’s nerves. Plus, with our flexible timetables, there’s plenty of time for activities away from the classroom.

If your child was part of a club at their previous school, take a look for equivalent groups in your local area. Many towns and cities have independent youth sports clubs, art classes, and more to take part in. Spending time with family and friends is another great way to spend downtime between classes, and it can be really helpful for children who get a bit more anxious about big changes.

And, don’t discount simple pastimes like gaming, drawing, and reading. Online school gives you more time for the hobbies that make you uniquely you, so we always encourage students to wind down and enjoy themselves outside of lessons.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Finally, remember that it’s always okay to ask questions — and that goes for both you and your child! Our supportive staff are here to help wherever they can.

If your child ever feels lost, overwhelmed, or confused, they’ll find someone to turn to for assistance. Our family liaison team, for example, can answer any questions you have about things going on in school. Teachers can support your child with learning matters, meanwhile, and our tech team is on hand to help with any pesky digital issues that might pop up. Remind your child that it’s only normal to have questions when moving to a new school, and they should never feel worried about asking them.

Alongside help when you need it, we also offer a wide range of wellbeing programmes that your child can take part in. Many of our optional workshops and group sessions, for example, are designed to help students who may be feeling anxious or upset. It’s important to us that your child feels happy and confident in school, so we’ll always be here to support them to thrive across the board.

Wondering who you'll need to ask for help? Don’t fear: all the contact information you need will be available in your induction pack and on our school platform.

Ready for a great change?

When your family makes the move to online schooling, your child will find a whole world of possibilities waiting to be explored. With the right preparation and setup, we know your child will feel at home with us at King’s InterHigh in no time.

If you’re ready to join us, start the enrolment progress today with our simple online registration form.

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