Article November 11, 2022

Sixth Form students create thought-provoking EPQ projects

By King's InterHigh

The past year has been a truly successful one for our first cohort of Extended Project Qualification candidates, who have now completed the programme with remarkable results.

Our Year 13s have taken the opportunity to delve into a wide variety of interesting topics — mithridatism to internalised homophobia, performance anxiety to the physics of time in media, and even an investigation into myoelectric prosthetic limbs.

In celebration of their achievements, let’s take a look at some of the great EPQ work our Class of 2023 have produced this year.

What is the EPQ?

More commonly known as the EPQ, the Extended Project Qualification is a additional course our Sixth Form students can take alongside their studies.

Through the EPQ, learners get to develop their academic skills and university readiness by undertaking their own projects. They get to choose their topic, conduct research, write a report, and even create a production or artefact if they choose to.

The EPQ is a great way for students to demonstrate their creativity and initiative in learning. While working on their projects, they’ll also build a wide array of crucial skills for the future: critical thinking and problem solving, planning and analysis, presentation and communication, and more.

Worth half an A Level, the Extended Project Qualification is a wonderful accolade to have when applying to universities, and an exciting opportunity to explore their passions.

Keep scrolling to see some of the artefacts our EPQ students worked hard to create this past year.

Hugh’s EPQ project

Hugh had ambitious aims for his project from the outset, but thanks to his strong drive, determination, passion, and focus, he managed to achieve his objectives to an incredibly high standard.  

Hugh’s research was detailed, and his presentation conveyed his enthusiasm for the subject. Throughout his work, he demonstrated a great depth and breadth of new skills. He also wove the theme of infinium’ in deftly, with links to the chair’s longevity threaded through the project. All involved agree that Hugh’s final artefact is outstanding and well deserving of his final grade—a truly great achievement! 

Ben’s EPQ project

For his EPQ project, Ben chose to conduct research into green fuel solutions to create a more eco-friendly future for the automotive industry. Based on his research, Ben also designed the mechanical components for a car that could run on such a solution.

Ben’s final product is the results of months of research into a wide variety of fuel types, from electric to hydrogen fuel cells. We have no doubt that Ben’s big ideas could change the world some day!

Chellia’s EPQ project

Chellia’s research took her into primary schools across Indonesia, her home. She chose to create an art project for her EPQ, working with students living in areas with high levels of river pollution. The culmination of Chellia’s work documents the psychological impacts of pollution in the Citarnum river on children aged 11 to 17 through their artwork.

Sophia’s EPQ project

Last but not least, Sophia chose to explore her love of physics by researching the theories of time. Alongside writing an essay on these theories and their credibility, she also used them as inspiration for an original short demonstrating how the best theories of time could be portrayed within media.

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