Day In The Life July 28, 2022

A day in the life of Will – living history actor and online student

By King's InterHigh

Year 6 student Will Mackinnon is a budding young actor, but his sights aren’t just set on stage and screen. In his free time, Will is also a young living history performer at a village themed around 17th century life!

Keep reading to see what Will’s typical day looks like, from his favourite lessons to what he does at the Living Village.

Will Mackinnon

Will’s exciting life

Will’s passion for living history first began as a love for acting. Four years ago, he joined a small drama group in Portsmouth. “That really boosted my confidence,” says Will, who was then encouraged to get his own acting agent.

Since then, Will has been rapidly growing his acting career. “My first and biggest acting achievement so far,” Will reveals, “was playing a young Johnny Cash for Reelz, an American channel.” Now, he’s also added live environmental acting to his roster!

Last year, his mum took him to Little Woodham 17th Century Living Village, where history buffs re-enact what it was like to live, work, eat, and play in the 1600s. It was love at first sight for Will, who says, “I asked then and there if I could join.”

So, what does a typically day in Will’s life look like? In Will’s own words, here’s everything he gets to enjoy — from lessons to acting to play.

In the mornings...
Depending on what time my lessons start, I will walk the dog with my mum.
Time for school!
Then, I look at any work that needs to be done.

My favourite subjects are:
  • Humanities
  • Art
  • Science
  • Pups (tutor group sessions)
I’m quite fluid about subjects at the moment. I enjoy learning new information and I’m more inquisitive. I have chosen History as a new subject for Year 7 next year.
In the afternoons...
My mum and I have lunch together, and maybe a game of tennis if the weather is nice, or I may work on a Lego build.
Off to the Village!
I am able to be a library learner if I want to attend the village during the week (the village often has home educator groups visit), and then I can catch up on my lessons when I get home.

In the village, because I’m only 11 years old, my mum has to come too, which means she has to be a villager and dress in costume. She loves it as much as I do and I like having her there!

At the village, I have to answer questions that the visitors ask and stay in character the whole time. In the village, I am in the blacksmith forge as his apprentice, and that is pretty awesome for an 11-year-old. Master David is the best teacher, and I have learnt so much about 17th century life.

They are hoping to organise a village camp, where we will stay in the village overnight in 17th century costume, eating 17th century food. I really hope it happens. 17th century food is really nice, in the summer anyway. I love the puddings (sausages), cheese, and brown bread — lovely.
What about acting?
If a self-tape comes in, we will do that. Learning lines for a self-tape can be a challenge. You have to act, but not act, if that makes sense. Self-tapes are when you have to film yourself using mobile phone, following instructions sent to you from the casting people. I have done some really fun tapes and some really spooky tapes.

I also have 1:1 coaching with a brilliant lady called Carol from LSI Talent, and now and again mum signs me up for workshops and any other interesting acting Q&As with casting directors.
In the rest of my downtime...
I am a Scout and have been in the scouting movement since I was 5 years old. I have learnt how to build a fire, cook, use flint and steel, and so many other things. Plus, we hike and camp a lot. I also play online games with friends from my old school.

I am really getting into coding, I am very excited because I am coding a Stranger Things game, which I am very proud of. I also build my own Lego sets and even made up my own Stranger Things set.

In his free time between classes, Will is a young living history performer at a village themed around 17th century life!

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