Article August 24, 2023

Celebrating GCSE Results 2023: Isabel

By King's InterHigh

Achieving 7 grade 9s and one 8 at GCSE level is an outstanding achievement; one that King's InterHigh student Isabel accomplished this year. From overcoming medical challenges to finding her academic interests, read Isabel's incredible school journey below.

"Once I joined King's InterHigh, my love for learning returned. King’s InterHigh has been hugely important in my learning journey; allowing me to complete my GCSEs (something I thought, before joining, was impossible) and therefore progress to further education."


King's InterHigh student

 Why did you join King’s InterHigh, and what has your learning journey with us meant to you?  

I joined King’s InterHigh at the start of year 10 after various medical conditions prevented me from continuing at my physical school, which, as a result, introduced to me the option of continuing my studies at King’s InterHigh. At this point, I had missed almost a year of school and had little motivation to continue my studies. However, once I joined KIH, my love for learning returned. King’s InterHigh has been hugely important in my learning journey; allowing me to complete my GCSEs (something I thought before joining was impossible) and therefore progress to further education.

 What's something you've gained from King's InterHigh that's really helped you personally?  

For me, the ability to watch lesson recordings and easily access powerpoints and lesson resources has been extremely helpful as it allowed me to keep on top of my studies even when I’ve been unwell. Furthermore, I had a positive relationship with many of my teachers, who were all very understanding, empathetic and encouraging when I missed homework or lessons due to illness as they prioritised my wellbeing which I greatly appreciated as it provided me with a less stressful environment.

 Is there something you’ve learned from King’s InterHigh that’s special to online learning or your situation?  

I learnt to believe in myself and that I can still achieve despite tough circumstances. I have also discovered my self-motivation and organisational skills during my studies which have developed my independence, which I believe is crucial as I progress to higher education.

 Has studying online allowed you to explore new interests?  

Since studying online, my interest in science has developed significantly. I attended anatomy club at Interhigh in which I learnt lots in an environment surrounded by other students with the same interests as myself. Studying online also meant that I had more flexibility within my timetable; allowing me to pursue my hobbies, such as baking, during the day, which allowed me to experiment with more recipes as I had more time. On top of this, attending King’s InterHigh allowed me to learn Spanish (which wasn’t taught at my previous school) and I really enjoyed this as I have always loved learning different languages.

 What are your dreams for the future?  

In September I am going to be starting sixth form to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths with the intention of going to university to study Biosciences or Biochemistry. My dream career would be doing research and I hope to one day achieve a PhD in my chosen field.

By King's InterHigh

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