Article August 24, 2023

Celebrating GCSE Results 2023: Asaph

By King's InterHigh

Having achieved a fantastic four 8s and one 9 for his GCSE results, Asaph hopes to one day pursue a career in architecture or engineering. Read how Asaph was able to achieve his academic goals at King's InterHigh while supporting with his family's bakery business!

"The flexibility, independence and amazing guidance from our school was so useful that it truly allowed me to reach my full potential via lesson PowerPoints, recordings, revision resources and more."


King's InterHigh student

 Why did you join King’s InterHigh, and what has your learning journey with us meant to you? 

Since my older brother and sister were already enrolled at King’s Interhigh it seemed to be a no-brainer for my parents. So, I left my humble primary school from year 4 and jumped into year 6 straight away - no need to waste time. After my parents witnessed what had become of my older sister in traditional secondary school trying to ‘fit in’ they did not want to put me through the same rabbit hole. Ever since my first lesson my life was rapidly changed. The flexibility, independence and amazing guidance from our school was so useful that it truly allowed me to reach my full potential via lesson PowerPoints, recordings, revision resources and more. However, there was a slight disappointment that rose within me as I believed that my social life would be depleted but this was just not the case - on the contrary. The teachers at King’s Interhigh are extremely helpful if you have any queries or are stuck on a problem/question and the fellow students are always happy to help you. We were extremely glad when lockdown began since we didn’t have to go through the hassle other kids did my age in a physical school.

After one successful year it was my Mum that decided I should jump to year 9. My dad looked stunned at the thought of jumping 3 years total. How bad could it be? My older brother had already jumped two. And thus I was seamlessly enrolled into year 9; a sort of secret underage agent. Finally, I was being challenged to my full capabilities and I could hardly tell the age difference. Age is just a number after all. Finally, I have just finished year 11 completing my ‘arduous’ 2-year journey of 5 IGCSEs.

 What's something you've gained from King's InterHigh that's really helped you personally? 

Personally, the most valuable think online school at KIng’s Interhigh has taught me is the responsibility and independence you must have if you wish to succeed at an online school. Quite a few students don’t even pay attention in lessons but this motivated me to remain diligently focused taking notes, participating in lessons and revising. At times you have to push yourself waking up early, doing what you would normally do and not falling out of routine. This is extremely important - when there are no deadlines it's easy to procrastinate and get distracted but your decision is vital whether you will succeed or fail. It’s up to you. You are responsible for your performance, attendance, physical and mental health. If you do not personally make the continual effort and persistent attitude daily at an online school you will not succeed. It’s dead simple.

 Is there something you’ve learned from King’s InterHigh that’s special to online learning or your situation? 

Definitely! As mentioned before, online school provides you with the potential to develop/mature so much and understand the importance of making wise decisions independently. Let me simplify that, if it wasn’t for King’s Interhigh I might still be lagging behind not being challenged and wasting so much time that I didn’t need to. I’ve learned to be disciplined with my timings, tackle difficulty and mature into a responsible teenager even if it does mean cleaning the kitchen for days on end whilst balancing my studies.

 What are your dreams for the future? 

In the future (God-willing), I hope to pursue a career in architecture /engineer ideally through an apprenticeship. Until then, I am working with my siblings alongside my studies at my family’s newfound bakery that we began 3 months ago! If you’d like to visit it is called Rosa’s Bakery (named after my sister) and is based in Neath, South Wales, UK. Another amazing example of something I wouldn’t be able to do if it wasn’t for King’s Interhigh. Thank you so much!

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