Article September 21, 2022

Back to school, your way: How 10 King’s InterHigh students started the year

By King's InterHigh

Having the freedom to be an individual is important — whether that means rocking your own style, following unique passions, or learning in your own way.

At King’s InterHigh, learners can study however works for them without sacrificing a great education. We're only a few weeks into the school year, but our global community of students are already enjoying their unique back-to-school settings, companions, and styles. Read on to see how 10 of our students are taking their lessons this September:


Year 10 student Parvesh is from Malaysia, but this year, he’s studying in Indonesia. No matter where he is, Parvesh can take his GCSE education with him.


Moving to Portugal after a long struggle with health issues, Skye gets to take part in lessons and enjoy the Algarve sun at the same time. 


Maria is one of thousands of students starting the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme this year, but she’s doing things a little differently. Joining the world’s first online IB cohort, she’ll be learning with virtual reality, innovative tech, and more.


Starting GCSEs can be nerve-racking, but it’s nothing the warmth of a furry friend can’t fix. This year, Chiara’s bunny (Lola) is keeping her company during classes. 


Online school ambassador Elizabeth swapped her tennis uniform for her King’s InterHigh hoodie on the first day back. “I’ve really enjoyed my first couple of days back at King’s InterHigh, and I still think it was 100% the best move for me!” she told us.


At King’s InterHigh, families can keep up with their child’s education through our online Parent Portal — or by popping in during classes, which is what happened on Fezan’s first day of GCSEs. 


Microphone stand, light-up keyboard, and a cool headset to match: Simon was kitted out with the best tech for his first day of online Sixth Form. 


For most young actors, juggling school and rehearsals can be stressful. For our ambassador Malachi, who’s playing a young Bob Marley in the West End musical Get Up Stand Up, flexible learning makes the balance a breeze.


For Surya, one of the best parts about flexible learning is getting the time to have fun all across Dubai. Here he is taking a lesson on his way to his favourite after school activity: sports at the beach.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going back to school the simple way. Check out Alexander enjoying his first week of classes at his desk, armed with his laptop, notebook, and comfy clothes.

While our students are already off to a great start this year, it’s never too late to join us. King’s InterHigh is open for enrolment all year round, and students can start learning within just a few days of signing up. Join an open event or contact us to learn more.

By King's InterHigh

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