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With more international assignments than any other country in the Asia Pacific, relocating families often face the challenge of sourcing a high-quality British curriculum for their children. For international schools, this can place a significant strain on their current offering as recruiting additional teachers to broaden the curriculum can be challenging.

With an established history of delivering a quality British homeschool curriculum to thousands of young people worldwide, King’s InterHigh work as an extension of your school. By partnering with King’s InterHigh, you are able to meet the demand of learners without having to hire extra academic staff with this cost-effective solution.

Flexible approach to learning

In forming an education partnership with King’s InterHigh, your school needn’t worry about clashing timetables. King’s InterHigh’s flexible timetable fits around your current offering, allowing pupils to rapidly progress with their learning. We provide an engaging learning platform to students, offering an interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College education. All of our lessons are later stored in the 24/ lesson library, allowing learners to catch up on any missed lessons.

Monitoring progress

As an interactive learning platform, any concerned parents are able to consistently monitor their child’s progress with King’s InterHigh. Parents are also welcomed to get in touch with King’s InterHigh throughout the term should they have any enquiries, feeling fully informed their child is receiving an online homeschool education from a UK leading interactive school.

What lessons are available?

At King’s InterHigh, the timetable covers the full British curriculum. Each student has 24/7 access to all lesson recordings, making it easy for learners to catch up if they’ve had time off or to study before exams.

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If you are an educational organisation looking to provide the full British curriculum to learners in China, why not partner with us.