An incredible IB learning experience, fully online

With live, interactive lessons delivered by expert teachers, King’s InterHigh students get an outstanding IB education online. 

We bring learning to life with engaging teaching methods, cutting-edge technologies like VR, and round-the-clock access to resources and recordings. From creating projects to joining initiatives, our students get to take their knowledge beyond the digital classroom to the wider world and develop as well-rounded learners. 

Read on to discover how our online IB learning model works. 


First, students lead the way

Each IB topic begins with a student-led Inquiry lesson. 

Our teachers devise a series of investigatory questions, all designed to pique learners’ interests. Students then break off to conduct their own research on these questions, in small groups and independently. This stage of learning encourages students to take initiative in their education — a core aspect of the IBDP. 


Then, time for expert input

Once students have formed their own ideas, it's time for a teacher-led Knowledge lesson. 

In these lessons, our subject specialist teachers deliver in-depth lectures covering all the important content. We also equip students with a wealth of resources to guide their learning. At this stage, learners can begin making comparisons between their own investigation and their teachers’ expertise. 

For Higher Level subjects, students will participate in a second Knowledge lesson covering additional material. 


Next, bring it all together

In Explore lessons, students combine everything they’ve learned over the week. 

Explore lessons are small group seminar sessions where teachers lead students in discussions and targeted work. Bringing together their independent inquiry with expert knowledge, students explore each topic in greater depth, developing a comprehensive understanding of everything they’ve learned. 

For Higher Level subjects, students will participate in a second Explore lesson covering additional material. 


Finally, test what you know

Each week, students complete an assessment task to measure their progress. 

From quizzes to written assignments, these internal assessments show our students (and their teachers) how much they’ve learned over the course of week. Alongside keeping everyone on track with their academic progress, these tasks help students decide what they’d like to investigate and explore in next week’s lessons. 

Immersive learning with VR

King’s InterHigh is proud to bring a uniquely immersive virtual reality (VR) component to the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme.

After extensive research and optimisation, our results show that educational VR can greatly increase student understanding. Over the course of the IB online, students will get to use virtual reality headsets in a variety of different ways. 

For the best learning experience, students won’t use their headsets in every class. Instead, we’ve devised the best use cases to enhance each subject. Conducting science experiments, going on virtual field trips, and practicing languages are just a few of the ways VR comes into play for our IBDP students. 

Learning tailored to each subject

To ensure students get the best education in every subject, the structure of our classes above works slightly differently for Visual Arts, Language Acquisition, and the DP core.


Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students get creative through hands-on work and interactive discussion. Knowledge lessons are replaced with one-to-one meetings where for feedback on extended projects. We also bring in guest speakers for exciting workshops on creative techniques. 


Language Acquisition

The best way to learn a language is by practicing and communicating with others, which is why we don’t conduct Knowledge lessons in Language Acquisition. Whether students choose French, Spanish, or English, they’ll get to build their skills through independent and interactive learning. 


Theory of Knowledge

In Theory of Knowledge (TOK), students become enthusiastic thinkers and develop an understanding of how knowledge affects the world. For Theory of Knowledge, students participate in one Inquiry lesson and one Knowledge lesson each week.


Extended Essay

Comprising a research project and a 4,000-word paper, the Extended Essay is an independent assignment driven by each student’s own unique interests. In line with IB guidelines, students will receive one-to-one support from a subject specialist teacher throughout.


Getting out and about with CAS

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is one of the many ways our IB Diploma students spend time away from the digital classroom. 

CAS asks students to complete and record three self-directed projects, each displaying initiative, perseverance, and non-academic skills. Creativity encompasses the arts and other creative products. For Activity, students document physical pursuits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Last but not least, Service covers voluntary work in the student’s community. 

Throughout their IB studies, our learners also step away from their computers to read up on different subjects, complete hands-on work, experiment with their learning, and more. While our education starts in online classrooms, it takes students far beyond their desks to explore how their knowledge applies to the wider world. 

The online IB at King's InterHigh

Since September 2022, King’s InterHigh has offered students aged 16-19 the option to study the IBDP online. Join our global student community and learn from anywhere in the world with expert teachers, innovative learning technologies, and a 44-year track record of top IB scores across Inspired schools.