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The balance of education and career progression

Young professionals, such as athletes and entertainers, often find themselves juggling two demanding roles their profession and their education. Both are equally as important, so balancing the two can be a fine art, one that often takes its toll. 

How homeschooling can help

Homeschooling offers a solution that allows young athletes and performers to thrive in both arenas. We’re proud that thousands of young professionals have successfully graduated from King’s InterHigh and have gone on to have fantastic careers, including professional athletes, entertainers, TV stars, chefs and more

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Bella Ramsey


“I fit school in when I can, that’s why King’s InterHigh works really well because it’s so flexible.”

Bella Ramsey, Game of Thrones and The Last of Us Actress
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The benefits of homeschooling for a young professional:

So, what are the full advantages of homeschooling for young professional and how does it enable them to unlock their full potential?

More flexible schedule

Traditional schooling often follows rigid schedules that can clash with commitments such as competitions, auditions and rehearsals. Homeschooling allows students to take advantage of career opportunities, without falling behind in their studies.

Reduced peer pressure

Traditional schools can be challenging environments for young professionals. The constant pressure to fit in and maintain academic and career-level performance can add unnecessary stress to their already demanding lives. Homeschooling offers young professionals a more relaxed and supportive environment, allowing them to focus on their education without the pressures of social dynamics.

Career andeducation continuity

Young professionals may experience the need for sudden breaks from regular schooling due to their commitments. These interruptions can disrupt their academic progress and make it challenging to keep up with their peers. Homeschooling ensures that young professionals can continue their education consistently, regardless of their work schedule.

Homeschooling with King’s InterHigh

King’s InterHigh provides young professionals with everything they need to succeed in their career and in their academic life. Here’s what you get when you homeschool online with King’s InterHigh:

  • No more scheduling conflicts – lessons are recorded and available for you to catch up 24/7.
  • Delivered online, classes are accessible anywhere in the world – perfect if you travel regularly for competitions, work events or performances.
  • With many young professionals and a great community at King’s InterHigh, there’s an opportunity to connect with others similar to you.
  • No need to choose between your career and your education. King’s InterHigh delivers a high-quality education which aligns to the British Curriculum.

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